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Public Relations requires ingenuity

By July 15, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
lights camera action

0The world of PR is full of last-minute changes, and we’re in this business because we have the ingenuity to work with those changes. We recently had a chance to flex our creative muscles during a TV shoot.

A TV crew was scheduled to cover a client’s event, and to our surprise, the event included individuals who could not appear on camera. However, instead of panicking when the TV crew arrived, one of my team members beautifully made it work.


PR tip #3: A good PR opportunity sometimes must be discovered on the spot!

My team member, bless her soul, got creative. Instead of filming faces, she instructed the TV crew to film hands at work. Hands that could have belonged to anyone illustrated the action of the event, while the voice-over told the story of what was happening and why the viewer should care.

The TV crew got the shot, the client got the coverage and my team member got the kudos. When you’re in a position to help a TV crew, be inventive and do whatever you can to get the shot. Sometimes, you might be called upon to stage a reenactment, be a model or stand in for the person who really has the answers.

At end of the shoot, it really doesn’t matter how silly you feel or how awkward the moment, the most creative takes make for great TV. If the planned footage isn’t coming together, don’t be afraid to make a suggestion, alter the shot or involve yourself.

In other words, “lights, camera, action!” Be a star.