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Sponsoring collaboration: How Durée & Company supports SoFla’s good works

By June 8, 2015May 23rd, 2018No Comments
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A myriad of ways exist to support the community we live and play in, and we’re lucky enough to know about several of them from the work we do. As the public relations, marketing and special events firm for some of South Florida’s most well-known and respected companies, South Florida PR firm Durée & Company has many opportunities to sponsor collaborations, which can lead to innumerable good works.

Hands with loveOn June 15, 2015, Durée & Company is sponsoring The Broward Roundtable, a quarterly gathering of funders, nonprofit and private sector representatives, who talk and share ideas. Since we’re in the business of sharing information, this seemed like a perfect fit!

The Broward Roundtable is coordinated by the Community Foundation of Broward and powered by the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, along with the Florida Philanthropic Network. At each informal event, the goal is to foster ideas for greater community impact.

For example, thanks to the interaction of two people sitting next to each other at an earlier Roundtable, an entire early childhood program was supported at Palm Beach State College by PNC Bank. Partnerships like this cannot always be planned; sometimes they simply happen from people being in the right place at the right time.

At Durée & Company, a large part of what we do is spreading news so people can make better decisions about what they buy, where they go, what they support and how they live. How can you pick the right path if you don’t know about all of them?

In that spirit, we are so proud to be a sponsor of an event that allows connections to materialize because people are better informed about their options. More than a Broward Roundtable, it’s more like a Broward Community Table that benefits everyone involved.

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