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Three Tips to Master Newsjacking

By March 27, 2018May 31st, 2018No Comments

Recently the Durée & Company Dynamos had a chance to learn more about newsjacking from marketing expert David Meerman Scott. Newsjacking refers to the practice of finding timely content and relating it to your brand. This is an essential tool for public relations professionals and a great way to catch the eye of a journalist by providing a different angle. Our firm has been successful with newsjacking for our clients when appropriate, most recently pitching and securing our law client as an expert in a story about a significant class-action lawsuit. Newsjacking occurs between the time the news is breaking and when journalists are scrambling for info. Here are three tips to put this practice into action.

  1. Stay Relevant:

Time is of the essence and monitoring both local and national news sources and social media can keep you abreast of developing news stories to connect with your brand. Keep your news sources varied for a complete look at what’s going on in the world. In between stories, reporters are looking for angles and other newsworthy stories on sources like Twitter moments, local newspapers and Google News. Newsgathering happens in real time and it can encompass anyone who steps forward quickly with credible input. The life span of a story can’t always be measured and therefore it’s best to respond expediently to have a higher chance of connecting to the story.

  1. Choose Wisely:

Not every story will have an angle for your clients. While expediency is the best way to get featured, do not sacrifice your brand for the sake of timeliness. Know the story as best as you can and trust your gut. Stories can develop and more facts can come out that could hurt your brand. It’s not about connecting with every story – but rather about finding the right story. There are specific rules of thumb when it comes to choosing a story, such as avoiding political and religious stories. Give yourself ample time to understand the story before responding.

  1. Add Value:

We’ve all been a witness to Newsjacking that has gone awry for the parties involved. Learn from those mistakes and remember that your insight and commentary should add value and not sell. This tool in public relations can serve to connect your brand to a new audience and even shed a positive light. It’s about awareness rather than sales. There is immense value in being a thought leader in today’s market – use newsjacking as an opportunity to expand your brand by relating it to a story your audience is engaging with.

Now it’s your turn! Share with us your favorite examples of newsjacking on Twitter @DureeCoPR!

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