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Three Truths About Going Viral

By February 13, 2018May 31st, 2018No Comments

Durée & Company knows the power and unpredictability of viral content after years of generating viral hits for our clients. Our client Rising Tide Car Wash’s 60 Second Docs profile received 51 million views in 14 days. In honor of this win, we’re sharing three truths we’ve learned about going viral –

Truth 1: It Takes Hard Work

With all our clients, we strive to tell their unique stories and make emotional connections with the public. These efforts alone don’t guarantee a viral hit but coupled with high-quality content it can set them up for success. With Rising Tide Car Wash, this documentary took months of work between pitching and securing footage. Our team could see the markers of possible success when at the time of release, it averaged at 15 to 20 thousand views per hour, leading to its current 51 million views. Producing high-quality, shareable content can be challenging, but it can make the difference between having video views of 100 or 100 million.

Truth 2: The Next Piece of Viral Content Is Unknown

There is no surefire way of securing a viral hit, and there’s no formula because it’s dependent on many uncontrollable factors. In a saturated market, the only thing different viral pieces have in common is that they provoke an emotional response with the audience. While sensationalism has had a place in the viral content market, focusing on positive messages can go a long way with future customers. With our client, Rising Tide Car Wash, we focus on the positive and empowering work they do for individuals with autism in their community. This story of a small business in Florida has been featured by United Way, Nation Swell and Starbucks with massive success.

Truth 3: Leveraging Viral Exposure is Key

Be ready for the onslaught of comments and requests once your viral piece hits. Once your post goes viral, there is a heightened opportunity to share your message with a much broader audience. From Nashville to South Africa, we received requests for interviews with our client since the documentary’s release. The advantage of developing fantastic content every time is that audiences will be able to learn more about your story through your social media presence whether your post goes viral or not. Having a team in place, like our agency, to leverage and respond to outlets will maximize your opportunities and make the viral hit a more significant win.

Now it’s your turn! What are your thoughts on going viral? Share them with us on Twitter at @DureeCoPR.

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