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What are the emerging trends in restaurant promotion?

By June 12, 2015May 23rd, 2018No Comments
duree ross duree and company

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.44.17 PMDurée Ross of South Florida PR firm Durée & Company answers that question with striking accuracy and clarity in the latest edition of BisNow’s e-letter on Miami’s real estate happenings.

Page down to the second article, where Durée talks shop on what her restaurant clients are looking for now, and how they are working with her South Florida PR and marketing agency to stay top of mind with diners – not only for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but throughout the day.

Ross,DureeSouth Florida, like other burgeoning, international markets, has a large and distinctive restaurant scene. New players enter constantly, as beloved trademarks seek ways to remain relevant. While choosing a place to eat or entertain may seem mundane to the average consumer, for the restaurant client, it is a continual thought process that requires the marketing ingenuity of a team like Durée & Company. From partnerships with nonprofits to riding the wave of “farm to table” branding, the creative engine behind building appeal is going non-stop.

Learn where the Miami real estate and restaurant industries are heading by reading more here.

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