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What Is Public Relations and Why Does It Matter?

By September 28, 2021No Comments
what is public relations

Public Relations is a powerful tool. It’s comprised of a thoughtful strategy and management of how information about an individual or business is disseminated to the public, and to media. From creating relationships with clients, to staying on brand, the art of public relations should be taken seriously and handled with care. The definition of public relations has dramatically changed over the past few years. The rise of new technologies, social media, publications and influencers have reshaped the PR landscape.

At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based marketing and public relations agency, Durée & Company, we take public relations and our clients to heart. We’ve compiled the three top reasons why public relations matters so much in our world of communications, and why we care so much about our work and what we publicize to the world.

  1. We create recognition for brands and products.

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.”

With a proper PR strategy, it’s important to begin to develop the key messages you want the public to know about your brand, which are vital to earned media initiatives for brand recognition. With so many brands and products out there, you may feel lost in the shuffle. At Durée & Company, we make your brand or company stand out by making sure clients are at the forefront of people’s minds. From strategic placement in top publications, to events that gather the top influencers and journalists we work with, we ensure brand recognization in the current competitive market.

  1. We care about our clients.

At Durée & Company, we let clients know they are an extension of our team. We are vested in our client’s success and take responsibility for creating and implementing a strategy that has their best interests in mind. Our clients are the most important part of our lives as publicists, and we treat them as respected partners. From our targeted media outreach to meetings and emails, clients will always be in communication our team. This matters, because at the end of the day, they are our top priority and our relationship with our clients is what makes us passionate about what we do every single day.

We know from crisis situations that news can continue to break around the clock and that objectives can shift quickly. We also know that a lot can happen between 5 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Monday. Our professionals anticipate this and know how to handle it.

  1. We believe in top-notch results.

Seeking the perfect placement in that website or magazine? Looking for the perfect influencer to shout out about your product or brand? The Dynamos do it all, and we come prepared with a multi-faceted plan that tackles all of the objectives. We make sure clients are heard of and represented in some of the best publications and outlets. Through our fantastic relationships with journalists, we make sure to identify the best leads from the most trusted, notable sources. Clients are taken care of at all times and are in great hands throughout the process of executing the perfect PR plan.

With over 21 years of serving clients, the team at Durée & Company has experience in just about every public relations scenario. Grand opening? We’ve planned for that. Relocation or business expansion? Yes. Brand repositioning? Done that. New product launch, crisis situation, new leadership, and new campaign goals? Check, check, check and check!

Everything we do begins with a strategic plan and a multitude of tools. Our resources include forged media relationships, reliable contacts, a brilliant content creation team and much more.

At D&Co, our team makes sure that companies are making the most of their earned and owned media. Want to keep the general public and media buzzing about your brand? Contact us today and let us help show you the world of PR, its impact and why it matters.


About Durée & Company, Inc.

Durée & Company, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm founded in 1999. The firm has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Aspen, Colorado. Durée & Company serves the corporate, agency and nonprofit arenas for local, national and international clients. Services include public relations, social media, marketing, digital marketing, content development, advertising, special events, branding, radio promotions, affiliate marketing and more. Durée & Company clients include well-known names in yachting, business, real estate, hospitality, travel, health and wellness, cannabis and psychedelics, art and culture, fashion, nonprofit organizations, cryptocurrency and technology, legal and professional services. Durée & Company is a member of PR Boutiques International™ (PRBI), an international network of boutique PR firms. To learn more, call 954-723-9350; go to; or Join the social conversation and follow Durée & Company on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn at @DureeCoPR.


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