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Why Adding Locations to Your Social Media Posts Is a Must

By August 30, 2022No Comments
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With over two billion monthly users on Instagram, there are 500 million users active every day. With these staggering numbers, there is more than a chance a business can be seen, engaged with or learned about with every social media post.

While the anatomy of the perfect post can change as the platform does, there are a few mainstays that should be used: A gorgeous photo or an engaging video, a smart description, well-considered hashtags and a geotag.

Put simply, a geotag is geographical data stored in a post. It usually includes latitude and longitude, but can also consist of the city, state or address where a business is located. Like a hashtag, locations can be searched and the top and recent users of a particular geotag can be viewed.

Adding a location to a post is quick and easy, and the best PR and social media agencies will tell you, so are the benefits. A geotag increases engagement, cultivates an account’s likeability, improves SEO and provides credibility. Read on as we dive deeper into the benefits of geotagging on social media.

Increases engagement

Geotags can help bring people to your page and, more importantly, get them to follow you. The tag can also make tracking where a brand’s influencers are located even easier. This is particularly effective as consumers rely heavily on social proof when making buying decisions.

Cultivates likeability

By tagging Instagram posts and stories to a specific place, users find a brand’s online content as well as the physical location of the business. And when they do, it’s a form of free advertising or public relations agency work and a chance for them to connect with, follow or like a brand.

Improves SEO

Geotagging plays a huge role in Local SEO. Adding location information to a photo’s description, specifically, a photo on the same webpage as a brand’s description of services increases search engine confidence scores. In other words, the engine is certain that the business is in the same location that was searched.

Provides credibility

As users tag a business in posts and stories, their connections and friends can discover a brand or business—and its actual location. The ripple effect is that they will be more likely to trust a brand if their friends do. Ultimately, this increases a brand’s customer base and business.

While geotagging is not new, its importance is growing. As more users—or potential customers—search for information on their mobile devices, search engines factor in that user’s particular location in the results. In other words, geotagging helps search engines connect a photo or post to a location, like a business or a city. This increased visibility will pay off by attracting more regular customers.

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