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Why Relationships Between Journalists and Publicists are So Important

By September 14, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments
Journalists and Publicists

By: Aurora Dominguez, Journalist, Professor, Writer & Teacher

Public relations is an essential tool for journalists and the way the news is covered. As a journalist and public relations professor at Florida Atlantic University, I understand the importance of public relations in the media world and how it can make the client’s business a success. Not to mention, how journalists and publicists relationships are truly imperative.

My time at publications like The Miami Herald, Where Magazine and J-14 Magazine showed me how vital public relations is to connect with new ideas, people and places to cover. I cherish the relationships I’ve built with a lot of publicists and agencies. They are honestly a great tool for us as writers.

Below are three reasons why relationships between publicists and journalists are so magical and essential for the communications business.

  1. They Know the Scoop Before You Do

When I was a writer for J-14 Magazine, a teen magazine covering pop culture, an amazing publicist reached out to me and gave me the scoop before I even knew it was available. I was flown to Hawaii to cover the Jurassic World Press Junket in 2015 and had the chance to get essential video and digital footage for my publication. Not to mention, the client, Jurassic World, got extensive coverage from national publications as well.

I love the professionalism that comes from incredible publicists. They bring us ideas and news tips before, at times, we even think of them. When we have these professionals on our side letting us know what’s new, what’s hot and what’s up next, it makes our job so much easier.

  1. They Know Their Clients and Your Needs

Publicists know journalists’ publications inside and out. The extensive research that goes into their day is impressive. They scour through thousands of websites and publications, making sure you get what you need from them. Beyond that, publicists get their clients important coverage and craft well thought out pitches. These give you a hint of what you can expect from their clients.

I’ll never forget being a journalist for The Miami Herald, having to cover the Fontainebleau opening and Victoria’s Secret Fashion show back in the day, and feeling eternally thankful to the publicist that took me on an entire tour of the hotel and let me know what to expect at the event. Her press releases, her initiative and the fact that she knew what exactly I needed before even writing my piece made my story flow perfectly when it came to previewing the event. Plus, it gave me a hell of a piece for and Tropical Life. To this day, this is a memorable event, and I still have a connection with this talented publicist.

  1. They Have a Genuine Interest in Helping Your Publication

As a professional journalist and educator, I get so upset when publicists get a bad reputation for “only caring about clips and coverage.” I can attest that this is not the case. They care and help you when needed the most.

For example, the Dynamos at Durée & Company have always shown me the utmost professionalism. From providing me leads, to sending me to that perfect event or media dinner, they know what a journalist needs and wants, even before we as writers know it.

During a stint teaching at Yale University in 2018, I taught Advanced English for ISSOS (International Summer School of Scotland). I’ll always remember the amazing care package these Dynamos sent me to make my days brighter for the three weeks that I was there. I also must add, they are very detail-oriented. They know how to make a journalist feel helped and welcome, which in turn helps us as well because we then feel comfortable working with them.

Of course, their career is to get clients and their businesses the coverage they desire. Good publicists, however, will always show care and know about the journalists they work with, making them a wonderful asset to us in the media world. I always consider them my allies, and the Dynamos at Durée  & Company always provide top-notch professionalism and service.

About Durée & Company, Inc.

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