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Why We Love Working in Public Relations

By August 28, 2018March 23rd, 2021No Comments

It’s a PR life for us! At Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we love living the #PRlife. Although we also offer marketing, event planning, social media services and more, we do what we do because of our love for public relations. For those looking to build a career in PR, we created a list of the top 3 reasons why we love the industry.

  1. You are making connections and building relationships every day

Public relations is all about relationships. We are constantly reaching out to journalists, bloggers, reporters and influencers to try and sell them a story to write or post on social media about the brands we represent. We love getting to know people in the media, and many times they become our good friends outside of work as well. For all you extroverts, your social and enthusiastic qualities will be put to good use in the PR industry when it comes to networking with the media.

  1. No day is exactly like the other

Because that would be boring, right?! We love how every day brings something new. From TV segment tapings and photoshoots to magazine launch parties and client meetings, we are running all around South Florida, or wherever our work takes us, on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Although it can be challenging at times, we love the spontaneity.

  1. You are always in the know about what is happening

We live for reading newspapers, magazines, e-newsletters, social media posts – basically anything that shares news or updates that are relevant to our clients or the public relations industry. Because of this, we tend to know the latest restaurant openings, the hottest upcoming events, and the best new things to do in South Florida and Aspen for any given weekend. So, when you’re in need of a tour guide, just ask a PR girl!

Although it may seem all glitz & glam, PR truly is a work hard, play hard industry. With clients spanning from Florida to Colorado (and even Alaska!), having a fabulous team that you enjoy working with behind you makes it that much easier to work through any obstacles. And even if you hear us complain about being on our emails 24/7, there is no other industry we’d rather be in.

About Durée & Company

Durée & Company, Inc. is an award-winning full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Aspen, Colorado. The firm serves the corporate, agency and non-profit arenas for local, national and international clients focusing on public relations for real estatepublic relations for restaurantspublic relations for law firmspublic relations for charitiespublic relations for healthcare, and many more. Durée & Company services include Public RelationsSocial MediaMarketingAdvertisingSpecial Events, and Radio Promotions and Outreach.

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