Crisis Communications

Effectively & Successfully Managing a PR Crisis

At award-winning South Florida PR firm Durée & Company, we’re proud of our experienced team of public relations experts, who know not only how to generate good media outcome, but also how to effectively and successfully manage crisis communications.

When our PR team responds to a media situation in which our client’s business, reputation and credibility are being adversely affected, Durée & Company considers that crisis communications.

In a crisis communications scenario, time matters most. Here are some steps we take to manage the damage:

  1. Communicate clearly.
    Durée & Company will act decisively to mitigate any media damage to our client’s brand. Our team meets quickly with our clients to find out what happened, who is responsible, how large the impact is and how significant the fallout is.
  2. Determine the message. 
    No comment is a comment. Durée & Company will never recommend that our clients say nothing, so we assist them in determining the right words to manage the crisis.
  3. Train the spokespeople.
    In a crisis, people are prone to ad-lib, unless trained otherwise. Under the glare of cameras, spokespeople must be trained to stay on message.
  4. Respond with confidence.
    No matter what the crisis is, stakeholders, the public and the media appreciate spokespeople who comment with care, sincerity and sensitivity. Confidence comes from believing what you’re saying and knowing that what you’re saying is true.
  5. Rinse and repeat.
    A crisis situation shifts daily, so the message must be revised, communications must be continual, spokespeople have to be updated and confidence should be unwavering. Every situation is different, but the strategy remains the same.

In this digital age, managing bad reviews can seem like a crisis. In this blog, Durée & Company explains the best way to respond in the face of unbridled, online criticism.

Do you need expert counsel on a crisis communications situation? We’re here to help!