International Sushi Day vs. National Sushi Day? Celebrate Both!

tsukuro icon blackSome things are so confusing. June 18 is International Sushi Day, while Nov. 1 is National Sushi Day. We at Durée & Company propose a solution: Celebrate both.

We will address Nov. 1 later. But first, let’s recognize June 18. It’s right around the corner, and Tsukuro is ready.

Guests can celebrate their love for sushi on International Sushi Day with a 50 percent discount on any sushi roll, when they post their selection on Instagram or Facebook with the tags #SushiDay and #TsukuroFL. Limit of one per person.

Half off your favorite rolls means you can either spend half as much or eat twice as much. Yay! Visit here for details:

In the meantime, start thinking of your favorite roll, sashimi, handmade rolls and side dishes. By the time National Sushi Day rolls around (pun intended), you’ll be a pro.

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