Public Relations

public-relations-iconPublic relations is now so much more than a press release and a blog. The world of PR has exploded, thanks to new and expanding social media platforms, which give Durée & Company many more opportunities to disseminate information and tell our clients’ stories. The PR world has expanded into the era of one-way linear communication, as content can now be created and shared by anybody. Content is now being produced at rapid rates and with more visual and interactive presentations. The ability to adapt to social speeds and participate in the buzzing conversation is the key leading to new business and generating positive feedback.

The myriad of PR and social media strategies our team can employ results in creative, customized plans that reach audiences, create buzz and drive results. How do we do it? That depends on you. We can start small with a social media-focused approach that compels traditional media to find you, or we can start bigger with a multi-pronged traditional media/online campaign/event-driven collaboration. We are a results-oriented public relations firm and work diligently to make sense of the many new communications mediums to meet your business goals.

These days, public relations morphs to fit the client, not the other way around. Durée & Company uses the following tools to create something special, just for you.

Durée & Company specializes in several areas of expertise:

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