Radio Promotions & Outreach

radio-promotionsDurée & Company offers radio promotions that differ from the traditional buying ad time techniques. We have a special talent for getting radio DJs to sing clients’ praises on-air, without buying ads. We call it “delivering the package.”

Most DJs want to be the ones who have the funniest, craziest, most talked-about conversations with their listeners. Durée & Company makes that happen by sending radio stations perfectly packaged turn-key, yet customized campaigns that include unique starters for terrific on-air banter. When listeners call in to participate in the contest or giveaway, DJs get the kind of interaction that drives website visits, blog posts and social media chatter that makes people want to tune in.

In the end, our client receives love and attention. And who doesn’t want lots of that?

Radio is that medium that clients don’t always think about first. But when the fit is good, it can be great!

Durée & Company has developed a niche specialty in creating and deploying custom weeklong and one-day radio station promotions, where the airtime is bartered in exchange for listener giveaway prizes. Our brand of radio promotion campaigns are demographic-specific, traffic-driving tools that enhance and complement traditional marketing or public relations initiatives, and typically yield a minimum return-on-investment of 3-to-1, although it has the potential to be even more!

These on-air custom-created or tailor-made contests, games, live DJ remotes and listener call-in campaigns and giveaways weave a client’s key marketing messages into non-commercial, editorial contexts that listeners really “tune in” to. Weeklong and one-day radio promotions are contracted with the station and are designed to emphasize product messaging, generate awareness and impact sales. Airchecks provide entertaining and motivating real-life samples of the promotions in action, and can additionally be used for clients’ internal marketing efforts.

And, that’s the type of win-win innovative thinking we’re known for.

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