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10 Essential Web Copywriting Tips

By August 16, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments

web copywriting tipsAt award-winning public relations firm Durée & Company, we do a lot of writing! Knowing that written communication is paramount, we are always striving to create compelling copy for our readers and expand the scope of our readership. With the growing popularity of blogs, social media, and online content, it’s important to make sure content is crafted in such a way that it captures the intended audience. There’s a lot of criteria to keep in mind, so we wanted to share an excellent checklist of 10 successful web copywriting tips. Get your notepads ready, and make note of the following:



  • Use an active voice – Readers will be more likely to complete an action, visit a company’s page more often, and be interested in content posted.
  • Create powerful headlines – This is what keeps readers from skimming over an article, blog post, or social media post.
  • Avoid jargon, hype, and corporate speak – Keep it simple! Readers want to understand what they’re reading and want to connect with topics. Avoiding jargon and corporate speak enables readers to feel more connected to a topic and are more likely to share it with friends and family.
  • Use positive language – Positive language is key to leaving a good impression on readers and making them feel appreciated. Sometimes adding negative language may come across in the wrong manner and may put off readers.
  • Balance text with images – Incorporating images into copy keeps the reader interested and captivates their attention.
  • Make it conversational – The reader is more likely to participate and embrace the difference in language. Approaching your reader in a face-to-face manner engages them and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Include emotion – Making a reader feel excited or that you’ve solved a problem draws them to your channels more.
  • Craft a compelling call-to-action – A reader wants to feel like their opinion and presence is important. Creating a compelling call-to-action enables the reader to feel like they are making a difference and their participation in a company’s website matters.
  • Be concise – Be short, but clear! Shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs and shorter overall messages keeps a reader’s attention span and makes them more likely to finish the entire article, blog, or story.
  • Link back to reputable sources – This increases credibility and makes you a reliable source to your readers.

These tips are essential for creating memorable copy for the web and engaging readers. Well written copy goes a long way and creates a voice that connects with the intended audience. After all, your efforts in creating copy are only valuable if your readers keep coming back for more!

Time to get typing!

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