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3 Benefits of Social Media Management Tools

By September 18, 2018No Comments

There is no denying the important role that social media plays for any company or brand in 2018. At Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we certainly utilize social media every day! Managing a brand’s social media is a necessity, but it’s a task that can be time consuming and difficult to keep up with if not managed practically. As social media has boomed and become a vehicle of communication between business and consumer, so has the need for social media management tools.

There are many management tools available including Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck and Planoly to name a few. Social media management tools range in their capabilities and price range. Some tools, like Hootsuite and Buffer, support all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, while others, such as Tweetdeck and Planoly, are niched to one or two platforms.

Although there are many different platforms to choose from, they can all be beneficial for a brand. Here are three compelling reasons social media management tools should be utilized.

  • Plan ahead

Social media schedulers allow advance planning of content. Planning social media out for the next week or even month allows social platforms to be consistent. Particular days can be selected to have a theme, such as Motivation Mondays, Tip Tuesdays, or any other theme that may be relevant to a business. Daily themes will help give a brand a voice and audience familiarity with a brand.

When planning a social media calendar, brands should also utilize national hashtag holidays. From #NationalDogDay to #PotatoChipDay, there’s a national day for almost everything and a hashtag to go along with it. A calendar of hashtag holidays can be found online, and allow for easy scheduling throughout the year.

  • Time Efficient
    Many things come up during the day and sometimes posting on social media can get pushed to the bottom of the list. Using a social scheduler provides peace of mind knowing that the social media calendar is already scheduled to post on the date and time of your choosing, while you can focus on other pressing activities. This will allow posts to go live during a prime posting time even if you get caught up in other projects. Post engagement is vital in growing a brand’s online presence and connecting with the audience and consumers.
  • Analyze your interactions/platforms
    A major benefit to using a social scheduler tool is the analytics component. What time of the day is your audience engaging the most? What days of the week should you be posting? Being able to gauge the use of your socials allows you to know what content is working for your platforms and what is not. Analytics may include a breakdown of audience demographics, month over month trends and engagements across platforms in one place.

Although there are many different management schedulers to choose from, they can be very beneficial when it comes to planning out your social media. Choose the perfect social media management tool for your brand and start planning today!

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