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5 Questions We’re Asked About Public Relations Every Day

By September 11, 2018March 23rd, 2021No Comments

Every day at Durée & Company, a boutique PR agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we’re asked by our friends and family different (and the same) questions about the Public Relations industry and what we even do. Few people understand what publicists actually do on a day-to-day basis. We have to patiently explain to our friends and family that we don’t write jingles, articles, or ads that go in magazines.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get every day working in PR:

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is persuading an audience or telling a story by using unpaid or earned techniques. Promotion for a brand is conducted through a trusted, organic, third party source or also called earned media. This exposure is reached through channels including traditional media coverage such as TV segments, online and print articles; social media; influencer marketing; events; speaking engagements, company newsletters; e-blasts and blog posts. It’s important to create and maintain relationships with journalists to garner positive media coverage for a brand.

Why do we need Public Relations?

The focus of a PR campaign is to tell a compelling story. PR helps build brand recognition, which endorses marketing or advertising initiatives. PR also enhances the brand identity and when people see the other marketing tactics a brand is investing in, they feel that the brand is a credible and a trusted source for their needs. PR also helps a brand stay relevant in the public eye and compete with competitors. 

How do you measure Public Relations?

PR is earned exposure that reaches an audience through multiple channels rather than just through paid advertising. The value of PR is higher than advertising because PR is an organic third-party endorsement which paid media cannot provide. If PR is done correctly, the audience should feel that they are being informed organically, not being sold something. PR creates brand creditability, it says more about a brand if a journalist writes a story about it for free.

What is a typical day like in Public Relations?

A day in the life of a publicist is never the same and that’s why we at Durée & Company love the #PRlife! Some days we’re in meetings or pitching media our client’s latest menu, other days we’re behind the scenes filming a TV segment or photoshoot, and the next day we could be planning a client event! But there’s one thing that always remains the same – we are always ready to take pictures to post our most recent happenings on social media!

What is the biggest challenge in PR?

At Durée & Company, we got 99 problems but a pitch ain’t one. There is no owner’s manual to PR. Every day is different and though it can be one of the biggest challenges in PR, we love how spontaneous it is! At Durée & Company we have clients in many different fields including real estate, business, non-profit, hospitality and healthcare and every one of our clients is different and has different needs. There’s no one size fits all model approach to PR and that’s why it’s called earned media. Earning media requires developing a story angle, forming relationships with journalists and creating a relevant media list, pitching the story and following up to get coverage.

Want to know more about Public Relations? Check out our Dynamo Diary or our Instagram for more insight and #behindthescenes on #PRlife!

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