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3 Secrets to Remaining a Top PR Firm

By January 17, 2017May 23rd, 2018No Comments
do you have what it takes Durée and company

do you have what it takes Durée and company

There is no doubt that the public relations industry is evolving. Fort Lauderdale public relations firm Durée & Company is always staying on top of the latest news and PR trends in order to generate buzz for our clients and remain a top public relations firm in South Florida. However, this doesn’t mean just reading up on the latest trends, more action is involved.

First things first, a firm must have guts – guts to make changes that may seem uncomfortable at first, but will be tremendously beneficial in the long run. You’ve heard it before and it still rings true: big risks can bring big rewards! Social media, technology and new schools of thought have strongly affected the public relations industry and how we communicate, pitch media and represent our clients’ best interests. While there are many secret ingredients in Durée & Company’s “secret sauce” for success, below is a list of three of these secrets to build guts and maintain a successful agency is this ever-changing arena. We remind ourselves of these secrets every day, and are happy to share them with you:

  1. Accept change – Change is inevitable. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not. The best way to react to these changes in the PR industry is to constantly do your research and know what’s happening and what the media is predicting will happen next.
  2. Hire uniquely – Bring in people who may have different experiences that could bring a new dimension to your firm. We are an agency of multi-faceted talent and embrace our diversity and experience.
  3. Invest – Invest in ideas and invest in your employees. This will benefit the company long term.

It’s the fast-paced, ever-changing industry that makes us love what we do. Our motto? Go big or go home! No one day is the same and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Do you have the guts to make changes?

About Durée & Company

Durée & Company, Inc. is an award-winning full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Aspen, Colorado. The firm serves the corporate, agency and non-profit arenas for local, national and international clients focusing on public relations for real estate, public relations for restaurantspublic relations for law firmspublic relations for charitiespublic relations for healthcare, and many more. Durée & Company services include Public Relations, Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Special Events, and Radio Promotions and Outreach.

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