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5 Public Relations and Marketing Tips For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Public Relations Tips

Today, healthcare patients have an unlimited list of resources available at their fingertips. With so many options available online, some patients no longer feel the need to visit the hospital or medical practice closest to them. Patients may be willing to travel further based on reviews or word of mouth, or even visit a doctor online. That’s why it’s so important for organizations in the healthcare industry to have a public relations and marketing plan in place to reach new and returning patients. 

At Aspen- and Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we have extensive experience working in the wellness and healthcare industries. With our expertise, we know that we have to think outside of the ‘healthcare’ box. This way, we offer our clients a range of chances to shine. Here are our five public relations and marketing tips to make healthcare organizations stand out in their industry. 

1. Utilize Testimonials

Utilizing patient testimonials can help establish trust among new or returning patients. When sharing a press release about technology or a new treatment, offering a journalist a client testimonial from someone who has used the technology or completed the treatment may help strengthen and build a story. In a New York Times article, Dr. Jacob Steiger of Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery was featured alongside one of his patients, where they both spoke about his patient’s face-lift surgery.

Being able to quote the client’s experience makes the journalist’s story more relatable to a reader. Testimonials can also be utilized in blog posts or shared on social media using the hashtag #TestimonialTuesday. If a patient is open to it, he or she can also create a video testimonial telling their story. This can be shared on the organization’s website, social media or YouTube channel.

However, when using these testimonials, it’s important to keep the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in mind. The patient’s permission in writing is a necessity before sharing anything in writing.

2. Partner with Local Chamber of Commerce Organizations

We recommend that hospitals and healthcare organizations join their local business chambers or concierge associations. Chambers normally have a number of resources available to members, including direct mail options, events to participate in, concierge contact lists and more.

Most chambers and associations will also help a business get the word out. They can share news, press releases, or events in their e-blasts, websites or social media channels. At Durée & Company, we assist our clients in maximizing these useful memberships. Not only can they help you grow your business, but they also provide excellent networking opportunities, exposure, and additional resources with your local community.

3. Pitch Editorial Opportunities

The goal of a successful healthcare PR strategy is to get the company’s name in front the public. We often draft press releases for big announcements, whether an organization is announcing a new doctor, technology, location, etc.

These announcements, however, are also a part of the overall communication strategy. This is why it’s important to think outside of the box for additional tactics. Bylined articles are an effective way for physicians to establish a reputation of being a distinguished authority in a specific area of practice.

Another way is to determine timely topics or angles to offer them as experts in their industries. For example, we secured Tomas Pevny, MD of ValleyOrtho, part of Valley View, to speak with the Reader’s Digest health publication, The Healthy, about strains and sprains. This supported his position as an expert in his field and ultimately gave the orthopedics center exposure.

4. Participate in Webinars or In-Person Events

Physicians and healthcare professionals can also share their knowledge by speaking during webinars or in-person events. We work with Valley View, based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, who offers free educational webinars, called Valley View University, hosted by world-class physicians within its network. For Bike Safety Month in May, one of its physicians hosted a webinar about common biking injuries and how to prevent them. This further presented the physician as an orthopedic expert and got his name out to the community.

5. Engage on Social media

Although it may seem obvious, social media can be a very powerful tool when it comes to patient engagement. It can help bring in new patients and bolster your relationship with returning patients. In the healthcare industry, social media is the perfect place to share the organization’s different services and offerings.

A healthcare organization should also post any of its earned media coverage, speaking engagements and community events to further engage with its followers. As mentioned before, while working with Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery, we share before-and-after photos, patient testimonials, press articles and products images on the company’s social media platforms to inform and educate followers. Effective social media management can make your company a success.

These five marketing and public relations tips for your healthcare organization, hospital or medical practice can help you stand out in this ever-changing industry.  Not sure on how to get started? We are here to help! Contact us today to find out more.


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