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Top 4 Benefits of Email Marketing

email marketing benefits

When creating a marketing plan, it’s important to include email marketing. According to Constant Contact, email offers the highest and most measurable ROI (return on investment) of all types of marketing. However, not everyone realizes how essential email marketing is and the benefits you can get from it – it’s so much more than just sending an eblast!

At Aspen- and Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we have extensive experience in creating eye-catching eblasts, and we continue to coach our clients on the importance of utilizing e-newsletters. Below are our top four benefits of using email marketing, no matter the industry.

1. Keeps the Brand Top of Mind.

Whether it’s existing clients or potential new clients, email marketing can remind consumers of a business while also sharing the business’s latest news and updates. It brings the brand right to a consumer’s inbox. And it gets them thinking about the product or services that the company provides. Consistency is key when it comes to the schedule for your eblast distribution. This way, your subscribers aren’t being overwhelmed and know when to expect the emails. E-newsletters could be sent weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on what works best for the company and its clients.

2. It’s Efficient and Has a Large Reach.

With email marketing, the eblasts go directly to the inboxes of a business’s constituents. It’s a very efficient way to reach an audience. And there’s the option to send newsletters to a specific list of contacts if the message is not meant for everyone. For example, you could set up a list for “Current Customers” and one for “Potential Customers” to tailor their content. Some eblasts may have a message that is meant for both audiences. Others, however may be tailored to only current customers.

3. Easy to Measure Results.

Most email marketing services, such as Constant Contact, will provide users with email campaign results. Typically, you’ll see the open rate, click-through rate, bounces and more. After sending a few newsletters, users can compare and analyze what is working best for the brand and what the recipients are clicking on. Someone may see a 30% open rate and think the eblast performed poorly. But when you look at the average open rate, it could be at 20%, which shows that eblast outperformed the average. Constant Contact and other services also show what emails have bounced back and who has unsubscribed. All of this helps keep the business’s database current.

4. Provides Easy, Additional Content.

One of the proven benefits of email marketing is it’s one of the most effective forms of marketing when it comes to sharing a message with a large audience. But that doesn’t mean that it’s reaching the maximum amount of people. After distributing an eblast, most email services provide a shareable link so the business can repurpose the eblast and share it across other social media platforms. This could even help grow your email marketing database. Someone on Facebook, for example, might not know that the business sends eblasts and may now subscribe.

Not sure where to start? At D&Co, we assist clients in a variety of industries with designing compelling eblasts targeted toward their audience. Contact us at if you have any questions about our emailing marketing services. 

About Durée & Company, Inc.

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