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5 Things Your Social Media Expert Should Be Doing

By July 26, 2022No Comments
Social Media Expert South Florida

There’s so much more to social media than just posting on a platform. It’s about the visual design, message, call to action and engagement with the audience. At Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we have extensive expertise that allows us to manage a client’s social media presence, responding to the ongoing fluctuations in the social media world. Here, we’ve gathered our top 5 things a social media expert should be doing for maximum growth and engagement.

  1. Brand Guidelines 

A company’s social media specialist should know when to include a company’s logo in a post. All social media images should be on brand. That includes the brand’s font and color palette. The brand’s tone should reflect in the captions for each social media post. Keeping a digital brand folder that includes company logos, fonts, color schemes, approved images and language is beneficial for creating social media content. Utilizing this folder will help make everyone’s job easier and keep a cohesive on-brand appearance.

  1. Engagement Strategy 

 It’s important to keep posts fresh, creative and interesting. Consider using ads on social media to generate more buzz around a specific idea or campaign. Investing in social media ads provides a greater audience reach for any company no matter the industry, provided your industry is allowed to run ads. Unfortunately, at this time, brands in the cannabis industry are unable to run social media ads. Figure out who the target audience is and research their likes and interests. Followers are what keep a social media page engaged via likes, comments, sharing of content and tagging of friends. The more people that follow a social media page, the better chance for engagement.

  1. Social Media Influencers 

Create successful partnerships with influencers to reach the desired audience and brand’s goals. Influencers can help generate leads as well as promote products and services in an authentic way. Influencers build a large fan base through their collaborations, often resulting in increased brand awareness and revenue. Working with influencers, whether macro or micro, can be extremely beneficial for all brands, including cannabis brands that cannot utilize paid social media ads.

  1. Content Calendar 

Creating a social media content calendar will keep posts, captions, hashtags, and check-ins organized. It’s also an invaluable document for brainstorming. Having a content calendar allows social media experts to plan ahead and also look back at previous posts for reference. When putting together content calendars, make sure to cross reference the brand guidelines. Consider using a scheduling platform such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite, that way there’s no need to worry about posting on specific days and times.

  1. Metrics & Analysis 

A social media expert should understand the different social media platforms and know how to review analytics associated with each platform. It’s important to identify the key performance indicators and measure the performance of each post on each specific platform. A social media expert should keep an eye on new followers, comments, unfollows, those sharing content and the overall demographics.

Social media experts play an important role in a company’s online presence. Here at D&Co, we work with numerous clients to create creative strategies on how to best engage their social media audience. Contact us at 954-723-9350 to learn how D&Co can help you with social media success!


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