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Understanding the Demographics of Each Social Media Platform

By May 24, 2022No Comments
social media demographics per platform

Understanding demographics and knowing a brand’s audience is an essential tool in building a marketing strategy. Demographics are a way of grouping an audience based on data like age, gender and geography. Understanding current demographics is crucial to create a data-driven strategy—especially when it comes to social media.

Everyone has a preferred social media platform that they like to use. Speaking to an audience on the same platforms they are using can ensure a brand’s message is being received in an optimal way.

At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we have valuable insight and working knowledge of how a PR agency builds a winning content marketing strategy. We’ve collected several data points from different platforms below as well as some top-line thoughts for consideration.

With nearly three billion people on Facebook, it has the most monthly users of any platform and is vital to any digital marketing strategy. As it is owned and operated by Meta, which owns and operates Instagram and WhatsApp, this means a brand can work across platforms to reach a global audience.

Facebook Demographics & Usage: 

Trailing right behind is Instagram, a photo-centric platform, with two billion people on it for nearly a half hour per day. Both show roughly the same age groups and are split between male and female users of the application.

Instagram Demographics & Usage:

It’s not surprising to see TikTok on this list with its one billion people using the video-based app daily. What may be a surprise is the average daily length at almost an hour and a half. Factor in the difference in age groups and a brand can decide if this audience is worth pursuing.

TikTok Demographics & Usage:

Twitter has been active long enough to foster a dedicated user base of over 200 million individuals, especially in the media, entertainment and political communities. It is interesting to note that it seemingly has more male users than females.

Twitter Demographics & Usage:

If a brand would like to cultivate an audience of business professionals, the best bet is to participate in LinkedIn. We can attest that people use this platform less frequently and a better strategy might be to have a brand’s employees network with other individuals for better results.

LinkedIn Demographics & Usage

Pinterest is a popular platform for brands and retailers, as “buyable pins,” or more direct selling tools from app to ecommerce sites, have grown. This platform, largely used by females, trends slightly older than some of the other platforms mentioned. This is a key data point for one to use when building a strategy.

Pinterest Demographics & Data

Every day, there are over five billion YouTube video views. There are over two billion YouTube users within a significant age group span that is higher than many cable networks in the United States. Top PR agencies know the value in this demographic.

YouTube Demographics & Data

Understanding demographics is instrumental as data is generalized across billions of people. Businesses that command a large social media presence can reach a wider range of demographics, based on the platforms that are used and what is shared across each one. Tailoring a message for specific age groups and their locations may improve a brand’s overall message.


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