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5 Tips to Effectively Launch Holiday Limited-Time Offerings for Consumer Packaged Goods

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Whether it’s Christmas, Hannukah, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, or any holiday, it’s always a good idea to consider limited-time offerings. Products that are only available for a limited time are perceived as more valuable because the product isn’t going to be available forever.

When PR is used to complement these launches, it creates even more awareness among consumers, and ultimately a better bottom line for the brand. We at Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company know how to effectively launch limited-time offerings for consumer packaged goods for special times of the year.

With over 20 years’ experience promoting consumer packaged goods in diverse industries, we are sharing 5 tips that will help you effectively launch holiday limited-time offerings for consumer packaged goods:

  • Plan ahead.

    When strategizing for any limited-time holiday offering, a brand needs to plan significantly in advance. It is important to establish goals. Determine why the product makes sense for your brand and the customer, decide what products to feature, and resolve when to launch the product and the sale duration.

For example, we worked with Veritas Farms to create a limited edition, seasonal four-pack of full spectrum hemp oil tinctures, available for the winter holidays. Starting in July, we worked with the client to develop and execute a strategy. Veritas Farms’ goal was to showcase samples of its products to current and potential consumers for the holidays. To embrace the holiday spirit, Veritas Farms created a holiday bundle with four seasonal flavors and determined a price of $49.99 for the entire set.

Once we finalized all the details and logistics of the launch, we put our PR magic to work and prepared for media outreach.

  • Don’t overcomplicate the process.

    When selecting the bundle or products for limited-time offerings, a brand should choose something that they know they can successfully put together and that their customers will love, rather than inventing a new product. For example, Veritas Farms’ bundle included full spectrum hemp tinctures, which were already bestsellers for the company. Using this bestselling full spectrum hemp oil, Veritas Farms created four holiday flavors to make the bundle seasonal and exclusive. The flavors included Sugar Plum, Cinnamon Roll, Clementine Spice, and Cranberry Orange.

  • Develop branding and assets.

    Every limited-time offering launch needs the appropriate assets to successfully utilize a public relations campaign. The first step is to create a press release. We drafted a press release for Veritas Farms’ holiday tincture kit. This release for the seasonal bundle was created four months prior to the launch. Also, imagery is key. We recommend creating high-resolution photos with a white or transparent background, as well as lifestyle holiday-themed photos.

  • Build awareness.

    The only way consumers will purchase limited-time offerings is if they know about them. That’s where public relations comes in! One way to garner press is to pitch the limited-time offering for consideration in holiday gift guides. Many magazines start compiling their holiday issues at least three months in advance, if not longer. So it’s important to start early. Also, many online publications and blogs utilize affiliate marketing for consumer-packaged goods round-ups. This makes it important to update your affiliate networks with seasonal information and photos. While it is an investment, affiliate marketing is an effective component of any public relations strategy, especially when securing product placement stories. Brands can also build excitement about the launch through email blasts, their social media channels and their company’s website.

  • Get products in the hands of your target audience.

    Lastly, it is important to get the products in the hands of media and influencers. They should test the limited-time offerings firsthand. This is another great way to secure press coverage. If influencers or journalists like the products, they will post on their social media channels and consider it for stories. When sending media shipments, we create a custom, personable letter for our clients to send along with the package. We also recommend sending a press release and fact sheet. This way the influencer or journalist has the brand messaging that you are trying to deliver.

Any holiday is ann ideal time for consumer packaged goods companies to ramp up their game and provide limited-time offerings. What makes one company stand out from the others? Building PR into the mix. When the offer is properly publicized, the possibilities are limitless.

Does your company need help from seasoned PR professionals to launch your limited-time offerings for any holiday? Be sure to contact us at Durée & Company today!


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