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Five Ways to Use Public Relations When Promoting Consumer Packaged Goods

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Do you have a consumer packaged good (CPG) that needs publicity? At Aspen- and Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we know what it takes to make your consumer packaged good stand out in the marketplace. The Dynamos have more than 20 years of experience promoting products and services for clients in many diverse industries ― from cannabis and spirits to beauty and fashion, from Miami to Aspen, and globally!

With hundreds of thousands of products in stores and online, the publicity campaign for a consumer packaged good needs to tell the right story, to the right person, at the right time. Whether your product is already on the market, or you are introducing a new product, it takes strategic planning and the right public relations agency to execute it. The Durée & Company team have a thorough understanding of the consumer packaged good landscape and how to get consumers to click “add to cart”!

Here are five ways to use public relations when promoting consumer packaged goods:

Branding Branding ensures that a consumer packaged good stands out from the competition! The first step to creating brand identity is to define and understand the target audience for the consumer packaged good. Knowing who will buy the product or service is a crucial part of creating a successful campaign. The average consumers buy from brands they recognize and trust. Developing a brand’s identity allows the consumer packaged good to be recognized and trusted. This also allows it to stand out in the marketplace. First, identify the unique branding guidelines and a visual identity that is consistent across all platforms. In addition to a logo and color scheme, a visual identity consists of the brand’s story, mission statement, tagline, and the voice that will focus on the key characteristics and unique selling points of the consumer packaged good. Utilize the brand voice to engage with the target audience authentically and transparently. This will build consumer trust and brand loyalty.

During the branding stage, identify key marketing messages. This messaging is the approved verbiage that you will use to communicate with the target audience to promote your consumer packaged good. These convincing key message statements are used to develop marketing tools such as taglines, advertising copy, social media posts, press releases and brochures.

Get Social – Once the branding is in place, create a websitesocial media channels and a blog with identical user names and designed with your brand guidelines. These platforms help identify your brand as a credible business. It’s important to have these channels in place before your product launch. This way, you can direct consumers to the pages to learn more about the product and make an educated purchase. Use social media to engage with customers and get them talking about your consumer packaged good by posting creative content that tells the brand’s story. Use a consistent voice and clean content throughout all communication platforms. For social media, it’s a best practice to use a custom hashtag on posts. This helps expand the reach beyond your social media network, engage with followers, and increase brand awareness.

Media Relations – Get the consumer packaged good in the hands of media figures and influencers to experience it first-hand. After drafting a press release and pitching a targeted media list, try to secure media coverage by sending out products for journalists to test, or by inviting them to experience a product or service. By trying a product, the writer can provide an authentic review and include the consumer packaged good in relevant articles, product roundups and gift guides. A successful media shipment consists of the product, fun branded swag, a customized letter, the press release and a fact sheet. Note: You always want to ask media for approval before sending them mailers.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing is an incentive to affiliates – influencers or publications – that promote a consumer packaged good and contribute to a brand’s sales. When a sale is made through an affiliate’s unique link, that influencer or publication earns a commission of the purchase. Affiliates use their channels and reader loyalty to endorse and promote consumer packaged goods. The first step is to select affiliates that fit into your target market. Then, create the content and promotions that you would like affiliates to share in their network. In order to work with an affiliate to best promote your consumer packaged good, you need to provide creative copy for an article, a link to purchase the product, imagery, and a custom promo code or unique affiliate link. Today, the largest source of income for influencers comes from affiliate partnerships. While it is an investment, affiliate marketing is an effective component to any public relations strategy. When strategized and executed effectively, it can create brand awareness and generate sales.

Host an Event – Whether virtual or in-person, an event is a great way to share your consumer packaged good with media outlets, influencers and buyers. Create an unforgettable experience so guests can get to know the product. During an in-person event, have an interactive component that allows guests to witness a product’s uses first-hand. If the event is virtual, send the consumer packaged good ahead of the event so guests have it in front of them during the event. The brand spokesperson should educate guests about the product and its features. Don’t forget to include a fun “Instagrammable” moment and a custom hashtag. This will encourage guests to post about it on social media and keep the conversation going!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use public relations to help promote a consumer packaged good, contact the professionals at Durée & Company. Check out our Dynamo Diary or Instagram page for more insights and #behindthescenes action!

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