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6 Things to Consider When Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

By March 29, 2022October 24th, 2022No Comments
Social Media Content Calendar

Planning a brand’s social media content calendar is essential to maximize engagement. Having a calendar to map out the days, weeks and months makes life much easier. At Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we know that when it comes to content creation, there is so much to factor in. From the brainstorming phase to publishing, the dynamos have prepared a cheat sheet with 6 things to consider for effectively planning a month of social media content.

  1. Fill in the Blanks: Major Holidays and Hashtag Holidays

At Durée & Company, we begin the brainstorming process with a “fill in the blank” strategy by using an excel document, or something similar (like a google sheet) to organize the dates. Factor in all of the major holidays that fall in a month and fill in the dates with their respective holiday. It’s no secret that on any major holiday, that is the type of content receiving the most engagement.

Next, research the upcoming hashtag holidays for the month. Be sure to note all the holidays that relate to a specific brand or business, as this is a great opportunity to promote products and services. For example, the month of May happens to be National Barbecue Month. This is a great opportunity for barbecue accessory products, condiment brands, restaurants, chefs and grill masters to take advantage of monthlong promotions across all social platforms

  1. Any News, Announcements or Events to Share?

Now that all major holidays and hashtag holidays are added to the calendar, what news, announcements or events are on the horizon? Spread the word with a social media post. Some events may warrant a pre-and post-event post while other news or updates may just require a post on the day of. A good best practice is to include placeholders so that content can be planned accordingly and so the content manager can review the brand’s entire plan at a glance.

  1. Include Weekly Superlatives.

Take note of which days of the week are open for content. Perhaps the calendar needs Motivational Monday content with an inspiring quote for followers to reshare on their accounts. Repurpose former content with Throwback Thursdays or inspire a healthy lifestyle with Wellness Wednesdays. This is also an effective way to generate new content with a customized weekly superlative that relates to a specific brand or business.

  1. Consider the Aesthetic.

It’s an important to figure out an equal balance of videos, images, quotes, etc. A brand’s content calendar should add value to — and grow — the brand’s online community, but should also include call to actions, backlinks to the brand’s website, and reflect the overall brand image. The goal of the photos and video feed should always be to make the brand’s content immediately recognizable, so its fans instantly know who it is and stop to read more and engage. Make sure to decide on the brand’s colors, fonts, photography style, captions, taglines and more to achieve this.

  1. Draft and Review the Full Calendar.

With most of the calendar completed, review to make sure nothing was missed. Peer review is a great method to make sure all content is ready to be published. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility of adding in last-minute or realtime content throughout the month too.

  1. Find the Right Scheduling Tools.

There are so many great social media management tools that have beneficial scheduling capabilities. Since every business is unique to its own social media strategy, researching the best tool is necessary for making the scheduling process as seamless as possible. Make sure that the right tool can post to the necessary platforms, can post all photo and video content, and can easily be edited at any time before publishing. Another factor to consider is analytical capabilities. These tools are great resources to reflect on when the time comes to make improvements to content calendars.

A lot of hard work goes into generating content each month but with a proper strategy, a brand’s followers will appreciate it. These tips will help to create the foundation for every calendar. Looking for other ways to improve social media? The Dynamo Diary is rich with tips and tricks for successful social media success.

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