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7 Words the Happiest PR People Use/Like to Hear at Durée & Company

By October 8, 2014May 23rd, 2018No Comments

PRWe are using a lot of the “joyous” ideas from a cool article for this blog – but giving it that special touch of pink that makes it signature to us at PR firm Durée & Company. So just what are the 7 Words the Happiest PR People use/like to hear around here?

1) Yes. When we’ve spent the day or week sending out personalized pitches to bloggers, editors and reporters on a story, and one of them writes back, “yes, I want to know more,” “yes, send me the photos,” or “yes, I want to talk with your person.” It inspires the best kind of PR happy dance, all on the inside, of course.

2) New. Media adores new because it’s the core of “news.” When an event has reached its umpteenth year, we start the search for the new within the established, such as “record” – read new levels – of attendees, or “completely revamped” – read new – menu. Other times, it’s a bona fide new program, event, fundraiser, chair or venue, and the PR sunshine comes out. Because in the headline of our press release, we can boldly say “new.” Then, we get the “yes.” (Happy dance.)

3) Cameraman. We’re standing in a crowd at a client event, when our PR colleague lets us know that the cameraman is here. Happy, happy, joy, joy. For reasons not yet explained, media has not officially “arrived” until someone spots the person with the camera. Our PR stock rises a bit higher, the client smiles a bit brighter, and the day just got a little easier. Thanks, cameraman!

4) Spread. At PR firm Dureé & Company, we love a good brief; we’ll clap for a great article; but we will get downright joyous with a spread. A spread is multiple pages of our client’s news on display – words and photos with a big headline taking up lots of space. There is nothing like a spread – with a link to more online photos. Break out the bubbly!

5) Signed. This is a special kind of happy – the kind of happy that comes after a lead turns into a meeting, turns into a proposal, turns into a signed contract for services. Signed means “make a reservation; we’re eating out tonight.”

6) Renewed. Take #5 and repeat it for another year. Make another dinner reservation, do another happy dance.

7) Thursday. Thursday is the night for PR bliss. The best events seem to take place on Thursday. Friday is for that special someone, the kids, the bubble bath, the best buddy, but Thursdays are for the great mixer, must-attend networking event, grand exhibit opening or terrific social. Maybe it’s so we can come in a little later Friday morning in the name of work? Who knows? But Thursdays rock in the PR world, and they make us happy.

At public relations firm Durée & Company, we have many more words that make us happy, because, well, we’re just happy people. But these are some of our favorites!

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