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As U.S. Farmers Face Crisis of Losing Hemp Crop/Investment Due to Drying Inability, Paragon Processing Provides a Solution with Powerful Drying Services/Capabilities

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Paragon Processing is Helping Farmers Save their Crops by Offering Large-Scale Drying Services to Prevent Mold and Rot

Paragon Processing, the largest hemp processing and climate-controlled storage facility currently operating in the U.S., is offering a much-needed solution to farmers, who are dealing with the crisis of losing their hemp crop due to their inability to properly dry the harvest. Due to the current demand for drying services, over the next few weeks, Paragon Processing is adding 10,000 pounds of wet weight per hour of drying to its current 3,000-4,000 pounds of wet weight per hour drying capabilities. The company’s drying services take harvested hemp down to 10% moisture content.

Paragon Processing is a state-of-the-art facility offering total seed-to-shelf solutions for industrial-scale hemp processing, manufacturing and storage, as well as private- and white-label goods. It is the largest hemp processing and climate-controlled storage facility currently operating in the U.S., and processes 1 million pounds of hemp biomass per month.

Across the U.S., farmers are cropping with 60%–70% moisture in their hemp. Many are baling this hemp with high moisture content, which is causing the hemp biomass to mold, creating a toxin which cannot be removed. This toxin is creating rot, which then causes farmers to lose their crop and entire investment.

“Now is prime harvesting time, and there is a lot of panic in the farming community because farmers have no way to dry their hemp crop,” said Paragon Processing Co-President Matt Evans. “Every day, we get calls from farms all over the country asking for drying help. This is a huge issue for farmers, and by adding 10,000 pounds of wet weight per hour of drying, we are taking action to help them save their hemp crop.”

At 14,000 pounds per hour, and running the drying equipment 20 hours per day, Paragon Processing will soon offer 250,000 pounds a day of drying capacities to help farmers save their crops. The company is charging $3–$4 per pound of dry weight. The price varies, based on volume and moisture content.

The hemp-derived compound cannabidiol (CBD) has gained tremendous popularity in the U.S., and is used in everything from dietary supplements to pet products to beauty products. Business Insider is reporting that Wall Street is estimating the CBD industry could be worth $16 billion by 2025. Hemp planting quadrupled in just the first year of its extensive commercial cultivation, mainly due to the fact that an alternative was needed to mainstream crops, which have been caught in the U.S.-China trade war.

Paragon Processing’s high-security facility is stationed on a 38-acre property 140 miles south of Denver. It acts as the purveyor of industrial hemp solutions and seamless integration to relieve supply chain disruption, allowing companies to benefit from this one-stop operation.

The company’s practices are centric to establishing trust and transparency in the hemp processing industry, while assisting farmers with developing the best practices.

About Paragon Processing

Paragon Processing is a Colorado-based company that specializes in providing turnkey services and total solutions for hemp farmers and business owners, alike. On its 38-acre property, Paragon Processing houses a 250,000-square-foot facility ― the largest currently in operation in the U.S. Paragon Processing offers a full range of services related to processing, sales, THC remediation, onsite third-party lab testing, storage and post-harvest farm support. Utilizing the most current techniques in extraction and distillation, Paragon Processing develops a variety of full spectrum and THC-free products. For more information, visit


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