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Behind the Scenes at The Grammy Awards

By February 16, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments

Events are a great way to promote a product or message, gather a IMG_1886particular group of people or just celebrate a winning success.  At award-winning PR firm Durée & Company, we integrate special events into our clients’ public relations strategies, knowing that events can bring a product or service to life in the eye of the consumer. Whether it’s a sales center launch, wine tasting or corporate round table, we make it possible for our clients to receive the sales, customer interaction and recognition they deserve.

While events are exciting to attend, there is a great deal of work that happens behind the scenes. As public relations professionals, we wear many hats and do whatever is necessary to pull off a successful event. From start to finish, there is hard-working team that is busy planning every last detail.

Our very own President Durée Ross knows this better than anyone, making her visit to Los Angeles this past weekend particularly special. Joined by her music-loving family, Durée was in town to view a full dress rehearsal of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards that aired Monday night.  While it was a practice run just hours before the real event aired, no detail was overlooked and the announcers, performers and production team didn’t miss a beat. For someone who has planned events herself, Durée both appreciated and enjoyed seeing the show through the eyes of a guest! An added bonus – seeing the show with clients Amy Ballon and Lisa Whitaker of Hemisphere Sales Group.

At Durée & Company, we recognize that events are milestones for our clients and we take pride in helping them achieve this success. We work hard, but we always remember to take time and celebrate our clients and the amazing things they do.

To that we say, cheers!

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