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Celebrating Barbie Nostalgia and How Barbie Continues to Capture Fans

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She’s all about pink, she transcends generations, and she is starring in a motion picture this summer. If you were thinking Durée Ross, you’re close, but we are actually referring to history’s most beloved doll, Barbie! Mattel, Inc. first introduced her in 1959 (for a whopping $3 no less) and she has been taking the world by storm since then. She’s been a doctor, traveled to the moon, danced flamenco and is an accomplished equestrian, all while looking fabulous. And while her look has evolved over the decades, Barbie’s lasting impact has truly made her a master influencer for the ages.

At Aspen- and Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, pink has always been our thing, but we’re especially excited to celebrate this summer with the launch of the movie, Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The movie has already generated over a hundred collaborations with retail partners and marketers, who are capitalizing upon Barbie’s fame, nostalgia and appeal for a new generation of fans.

Barbie remains one of the most enduring and iconic toys since she first stepped into households decades ago. Always remaining true to her brand, Barbie is a true PR success story and has impacted fans of all ages, backgrounds and tastes as she continues to evolve and stay relevant through the present day.

As a testament to her continued inspiration, the D&Co Dynamos are sharing their most treasured Barbie memories below.

Durée – “One Christmas Santa brought me the Barbie Dreamhouse with an elevator in it and my dad and his dad (my poppy) were up all night putting it together. I also had a caravan too. Maybe I’ve been dreaming in pink for as long as I can remember.”

Jenna – “Growing up, I was the only girl in the family and had to protect my Barbies. I had all boy cousins and a brother, and they would take my Barbies when I wasn’t looking and position them throughout the house in random places to mess with me. One time, my brother tied my favorite Barbie to his ceiling fan and I walked into his room and she was spinning!” 

Chrissy – “I had the Barbie Ferrari (what else would she drive?!) that my dad saved and now my 5-year-old son plays with it. It’s probably a collector’s item by now!”

Abbie – “I had a Barbie Dreamhouse with an elevator that worked.”

Ana Maria – “I loved Barbies and had tons of them! I loved doing their hair and my grandmother taught me how to make dresses and maxi skirts for them, so I enjoyed doing that.”

Samantha – “Growing up with three sisters, we were obsessed with Barbies. We had everything from the Barbie car to the Barbie Dreamhouse. One year, our parents went to Disney without us, but they came home with every Disney Barbie doll, and we still have them to this day.”

Ashley – “My favorite Barbie memory was the Barbie convertible. What’s Barbie without her fun-filled accessories? The Barbie convertible was more than just a toy car. It was a glamorous sleek pink convertible. Barbie created lasting childhood memories for me that will be treasured forever.” 

Caroline – “I used to have matching PJs with my Barbie. Also, my mom kept all my Barbies and now both of my nieces play with them when they go to my mom’s house which is fun to watch. There are even a few of my mom’s Barbies from when she was younger that I played with and now my nieces play with those too.”

Fave – “While I didn’t have a lot of Barbies growing up, I’ve always been interested in the history of Barbie and how she’s managed to stay relevant for so long!”

Megan – “I always remember watching Barbie movies with my sister and cousin whenever we would travel to go see our mom’s side of the family. We all are around the same age and the Fairytopia series was for sure our favorite. There is this little blue fairy puffball creature that Barbie had as a pet, named Bibble and all three of us loved this little character so much. I even still have stickers of Bibble that I got for one of my birthdays that remind me of my childhood anytime I see them.”

Carol – “My best Barbie memory was owning the Barbie Dreamhouse, pink Barbie minivan and the Barbie airplane. I would always play with my dolls, dress them up, and create mini stories of them using the house, minivan and airplane. My favorite was from the movie, “Barbie Swan Lake”, and I would take her everywhere, even to my swimming lessons.

Taylor – “When I was three, I would lay out all my Barbies and cover them with a newspaper as a blanket. I was always very creative when building or creating my own accessories for Barbie.”

No matter what, we are always thinking pink!


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