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Top 5 Content Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

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In today’s competitive real estate market, creating engaging and informative content is crucial for standing out and building trust with potential clients. At  Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we understand the importance of content that not only showcases properties but also highlights a real estate team or agent’s expertise and unique brand.

  1. Create More Video Content

Videos are a fantastic way to give clients a behind-the-scenes (BTS) look at the real estate business. Why does BTS video content work? It shows the real estate team or agent in a more relaxed setting, adding personality to a brand and lending a level of authenticity to the business.

Additional ideas for real estate business videos include:

  • Home Tours: Showcase the unique aspects of the home. Highlight unique features and amenities of the home that make it stand out. Share these tours with audiences so they’ll feel like they’re a part of the experience.
  • Client Testimonials: Share success stories and experiences from satisfied clients to build trust and credibility. Ask clients if their full name and a photo can be included. Share these testimonials on social media, your website, and in email newsletters.
  • Helpful Tips for Homeowners: Some of the video content should be educational. This video clip on client Melissa Hoff at The Hoff Group’s Instagram feed shows viewers how smart upgrades to the home can increase the value.


  1. Show Off Open House Prep

Open house events are a cornerstone of real estate marketing. Creating content and buzz around these public events garners interest and shows potential sellers what the agent can do for them when they’re a client. It can also help connect with agents from feeder markets and collect buyer leads.

Open house content can include:

  • Preparation Videos: Show the step-by-step process of getting a home ready for an open house, from staging and cleaning to setting up marketing materials.
  • Virtual Tours: Offer a virtual walk-through for those who can’t attend in person, ensuring the agent reaches a wider audience.
  • Live Streaming: Stream the open house event live on social media platforms to engage with remote potential buyers.
  • Digital Sign-in Sheets: Use a digital sign-in sheet at open houses to have guests sign in using a tablet that requests their email address and phone number. This makes it easy to get accurate spellings and key information, which can be used later for follow-up marketing and building a client database.
  • Hosting a Raffle or Giveaway: Ask the guests to check off on the digital sign-in sheet that they’ll subscribe to the company newsletter and let them know they’ll be entered to win a prize. Include a photo of the prize and its value prominently on the sign-in table. This is a great way to get more subscribers and leads.


  1. Promote New and Sold Listings


Highlighting listings effectively can significantly speed up the selling process. Here’s how to do it:

  • Create Listing Videos: Create high-quality videos for new listings that highlight the property’s best features, the neighborhood, and amenities.
  • Post ‘Just Sold’ Content: Share stories and posts about recently sold properties to demonstrate your success and market expertise. While this can be done via social media videos, carousel posts, and website updates, sometimes the “old-fashioned” snail mail postcards with “sold in your neighborhood” fliers distributed in key identified areas can interest potential sellers. Include social media handles and ways to contact agents on the postcard.
  • Get Drone Footage: Utilize drone technology to capture stunning aerial views of larger properties and their surrounding areas, as well as tell the property’s story. Some real estate drone shots to include are the “approach shot” of a wide view of the area, a “fly-through” video that navigates through the property, or a “reveal shot” of the front of the property from behind a tree.
  • Send Eblasts: Announce new listings, open houses, and recently sold properties through email blasts. This keeps your client base informed and engaged, showcasing your active presence in the market.


  1. Meet the Team

Building personal connections with potential clients is essential in real estate. Introducing real estate professionals can foster trust and familiarity. Here are some real estate content strategies for showing off team members.

  • Post Agent Spotlights on Social.Feature individual agents, highlighting their experience, specialties, and personal stories. Show the local shops they frequent for lunch, the parks they love to spend time in, and the marinas they frequent. This tells viewers that the agent knows the area(s) they’re selling.
  • Include Team Introductions on the Website. Feature short interview segments with your agents and staff. People love to know more about who is in various company roles. Encourage fun content that shows off each agent’s personality, discusses why they love their jobs and share “insider” information like, “People are surprised to find out THIS about me.”
  • Share Team Events. Post photos and videos from team-building activities or community events to showcase company culture and involvement on the brand’s social media feeds. Use the appropriate local hashtags and event hashtags from each event to draw in new audiences.
  • Encourage Follows. Remember to keep team members’ website profiles up to date on the company’s site and include their professional social media handles. This is another way to help agents build their social following and show website visitors what the team is doing on a daily basis.
  • Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Content. Offer glimpses into the daily operations of your team, giving clients a sense of familiarity and trust. Some agents might want to show before-and-after photos of home staging, including video footage of real estate professionals setting up for an open house, and the agent swapping out the “for sale” sign for a “sold” one on a property.


  1. Incorporate Swag and Branding

In the world of real estate marketing, every touchpoint with a potential client is an opportunity to reinforce a brand and build lasting relationships. At Durée & Company, we believe that promotional swag is more than just a giveaway—it’s a strategic tool that enhances content efforts and amplifies a brand’s presence. By integrating carefully curated branded merchandise that is useful and helpful into content strategy, real estate professionals can create memorable experiences that keep the brand top-of-mind and foster client loyalty. Promotional swag not only boosts visibility but also provides engaging content opportunities, such as social media posts, giveaways, and client appreciation features, making it a powerful addition to a comprehensive marketing plan.

Here are ways to develop a strong branding strategy:

  • Branded Merchandise: Create and distribute branded items including customized high-quality notebooks, luxury pens, branded tech accessories (such as portable chargers and USB drives), elegant tote bags, personalized gift boxes, premium drinkware (like stainless steel water bottles and coffee tumblers), and branded home goods (like candles and cozy blankets) at open houses and community events to keep your brand top-of-mind.
  • Consistent Visuals: Use consistent colors, fonts and logos across all marketing materials to maintain a professional and recognizable brand image.
  • Social Media Templates: Develop branded templates for social media posts to ensure content is easily identifiable and cohesive. Encourage all agents to use these and maintain certain branding standards whenever they post on the top social media channels for real estate professionals.

Ready to hire a full-service, award-winning public relations company to help with PR, marketing, content creation, branding, social media and events? To learn more about how Durée & Company can help your company achieve incredible results, contact us today.


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