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Durée & Company’s 3 Resources to Reset

By December 29, 2020No Comments

The hustle and bustle of today’s world doesn’t always leave much time for yourself. That’s why it’s critical to intentionally carve out me-time to pause and hit the reset button.

At Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, while we are always giving it our all with our work for our clients, we know the importance of having a work-life balance. Taking care of our mind and body is a crucial component to living a meaningful life. Creating and maintaining a fulfilling life outside of work helps improve work performance and reduce stress.

Self-care isn’t always easy, and “me time” is usually last on the to-do list. Sometimes, we can even feel guilty about taking time for ourselves. That’s why hitting your reset button is a powerful and rewarding process.

Exercise, sleep, and hydration are essential parts of the self-care equation. It’s important to practice self-care tactics that work best for you, and to implement them in your routine to help boost your well-being and keep you grounded.

Ready, set, reset! Here are three of the Durée & Company Dynamos’ resources to reset:

Instill mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness is an effective method to get to know oneself, to reduce stress, and to live in the present moment. It’s also a tool to help people understand, tolerate, and deal with their emotions in healthy ways. Studies have shown that mindfulness improves well-being, and physical and mental health.

Our client Susie Levan is a spiritual warrior, author, philanthropist, community leader, certified non-denominational pastoral counselor, hypnotherapist, teacher of meditation, life coach, and Reiki master/teacher. For the last 30 years, she has been teaching the importance of meditation and helping women live their best lives. Susie shared her beginners’ guide to meditation with Martha Stewart Living. Also, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to support the community, Susie made two of her guided visualizations meditations, produced with GRAMMY®-nominated new age musician Steven Halpern, available to the public at no cost.

Be physically active.

Get the blood and endorphins flowing with physical exercise! Daily exercise is proven to help both physical and mental health, boost your mood, and reduce stress and anxiety. It’s important to schedule time and plan your workouts, find a workout buddy, set realistic goals, and allow yourself time to recover.

One of the Dynamos favorite workouts is yoga with Lauren Cobb. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren took the bold step of live-streaming her 60-minute yoga flow from her dock in Fort Lauderdale. Bringing light, positivity, an amazing workout for the mind and body, and flexibility to people’s lives has kept Lauren and countless others flowing.

Do a good deed.

Giving back to a cause you care about is a great way to connect with yourself and others. It increases a sense of community and social connection. Some ways that the Dynamos like to give back are:

    • Volunteering at Feeding South Florida®, the leading domestic hunger-relief organization serving South Florida. The nonprofit organization also offers many other ways to give, including setting up a Food + Fund Drive.
    • Sponsoring a child at Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade. Through this program, you can pledge to donate to make a positive impact in the life of a child. The child will benefit from Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade’s many positive programs, including its In-Person Virtual Learning Program, after school programs, homework assistance, computer training, social skills, dance, arts and crafts, professional mentoring, and summer and athletic programs.
    • Supporting your local arts community by donating to institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA). When the museum was required to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MOCA continued its mission to make contemporary art accessible to diverse audiences through virtual tours of its exhibitions, access to youth education, deep dives into its permanent collection and more. Today, the museum continues to host free monthly art classes and exhibition walkthroughs virtually. To support the museum, become a member or donate.

It is never too late to start adopting wellness practices into your routine or to hit the reset button!. Remember, self-care is critical not only when life gets busy or stressful, but all of the time. Maintaining a consistent schedule of “me time” will help you live a more balanced life.

Contact us at Durée & Company for tips about how we continue to manage our self-care while working hard to provide exceptional service our clients. Check out our Dynamo Diary or Instagram page for more insights and #behindthescenes action!

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