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How To Create Engaging Video Content on Social Media for Real Estate

By July 12, 2022No Comments
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Video content is king! It has long been said that video content performs better than static posts on social media, and according to an article from The Motley Fool, Facebook videos receive 135% more organic engagement than photos. Videos capture an audience’s attention for a longer period of time, which is why video engagement tends to be much higher on most social media platforms.

In real estate, videos are so important because they can tell a whole story to potential buyers without them even being there in person. These days it’s so important to have that virtual aspect. From Instagram Lives and Facebook Videos to YouTube and TikTok, there are so many social media platforms that videos can live on. Ever get stuck wondering what to capture when it comes to real estate videos? Below are some of our favorite ways to create engaging video content on social media for real estate.


People love exclusives – it makes them feel special! The primary focus here doesn’t need to be about selling a specific property, but instead, to introduce the agents or property and gaining the trust of the viewers. Record an exclusive tour of a new listing or project and show them never-before-seen areas. It’s always an option to “go live” on Facebook or Instagram but be aware that it really is live, and it can’t be taken back! Live videos can seem more genuine and real, however, recording a video on a phone or camera and then uploading it to social media is a safer option and provides more control over the content.

Virtual Tours on a Website

The world has adopted a more virtual lifestyle, and many real estate agents are now using online tours for their clients. Everyone finds themselves in a time crunch sometimes and a virtual tour of a listing can save the agent and their clients time by giving them a glimpse into a home without any travel involved. There have been people who bought a home solely from viewing virtual tours and not even visiting in person!

Neighborhood Tours

Viewers may watch a video vicariously, but imagine how it would be to walk through those doors every day as a homeowner! But what is the neighborhood like? Whether an agent is featuring a school zone, nearby restaurants or walkability, a video tour of the neighborhood could also create an easy sell. By giving potential buyers all of this information upfront, there can be more specific conversations leading toward the sale.


For new construction projects, we suggest setting up a timelapse video to see the construction progress from the ground up. That doesn’t mean that the project has to be completely finished before sharing the timelapse video on social media. As many people enjoy seeing construction progress in real-time, posting frequent “update” videos is a great way to keep buyers and potential buyers informed. Timelapse videos are enjoyable for people to watch, and they show viewers (and potential buyers!) first-hand the progress that is being made. As a bonus, they can also be utilized for additional sales efforts such as e-newsletters and even in a strategic public relations campaign.


Show the action! If it’s an open house, consider posting an Instagram Story or Facebook Story with a video of what is being set up for the event. For new construction projects, take videos of the construction – this not only creates content, but it shows people that the project is moving along. If an event is happening, post an Instagram or Facebook Story in real time to give a more authentic feel to the content.

Professional Video at Events

Whether it’s a special open house, groundbreaking ceremony, topping off celebration or a ribbon cutting, it’s always nice to have a videographer capture the special moments. The videographer will create a video clip from the footage they take, which can be posted across all social media platforms. Sometimes they will even offer drone services, which gives viewers a unique bird’s-eye-view perspective of the event. Videographers know how to choose the best music and creative transitions to make the video engaging for anyone watching it.

Bonus: TikTok/Instagram Reels

TikTok and Instagram Reels create the perfect snackable video content to keep viewers engaged. These videos have become increasingly popular and there is no sign of that stopping anytime soon. Plus, it’s nice to have a variety of content, as different platforms appeal to different people, and there’s no saying where a buyer may come from!

Here at D&Co, we work with numerous clients to create ideas on how to best engage their social media audience, which includes video content. Contact us at 954-723-9350 to learn how D&Co could help you with social media marketing!


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