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‘Helping non-profits is a no brainer’ that bears repeating

By August 27, 2014May 23rd, 2018No Comments
hands with love

Hands with loveHelping non-profits is a no brainer.

Like the GEICO commercials like to remind us, “everybody knows that.”

But with the economy starting to show signs of life again and as our calendars begin to fill, it can be very easy to forget the benefits of donating your company’s time to a good charity. Durée & Company is proud to have some of South Florida’s leading do-gooders as clients, from Feeding South Florida and MADD to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade and the Crockett Foundation.

bgc-logoHowever, more than representing non-profits, we’ve chaired committees, led fundraising efforts, recruited people to causes, made key introductions, encouraged participation, gave money and even ran in early-morning races that had nothing to do with building the bottom line. This article in, “9 Ways That Doing Good will Help Your Company Do Well,” does a great job of outlining the key benefits of lending a genuine hand.

We can personally attest to all nine of them being true, especially numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Helping charities increases your company’s PR value. It shows that you care about your community and are willing to pitch in to fix societal problems that really affect us all. For example, being an active part of the Fort Lauderdale/Broward Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)’s National Philanthropy Day gave us a greater sense of awareness to the important causes in our community, and gave us a sense of pride when we shared the member’s success stories with new people.Feeding-South-Florida-Logo-Official-1024x559

In the process, Durée & Company, as a firm, became more well-known; we connected with people we wouldn’t have otherwise; and we increased our own investment in South Florida, a place we call home.

So consider this blog a gentle reminder that non-profits need you. They need your energy, compassion, dedication, network and support. And in return, they will give you so much more. Pick one and see for yourself – here’s a list of the foundations near and dear to our hearts!

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