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Durée & Company’s New Client Gives You Three Reasons to Go to the Dentist – Really!

By August 25, 2014May 23rd, 2018No Comments
tomalty dental care family tradition

tomalty-logoIt’s rare to hear someone say, “Oh, I just love going to the dentist.”

So rare in fact, that our newest client, Tomalty Dental Care, has made it a family mission to get more people to at least feel this way, if not say the words out loud.

Tomalty Dental Care’s new office, run by brothers Jordan Tomalty, DMD and Sean Tomalty, DMD, offer these three reasons why you should give your oral health another chance with them.

1) Tomalty Dental Care understands your pain and makes it go away. They use a combination of the STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System® unit, the CompuDent unit, CompuMed® instrument and The Wand® handpiece to give patients anxiety-free and comfortable visits. Read more here about how these technologies work to take away the pain. And for those who have severe discomfort, they offer sedation, which means you wake up to a healthier mouth.

2) Their office is nice. Sounds simple, but the little things count. Tomalty Dental Care’s new office in Canyon Town Center in Boynton Beach is designed to feel more like a spa and less like a dental office. Beautiful surroundings, smiling faces, soft music and kind treatment help to lessen the anxiety associated with oral care.

3) They reduce the stress of paying. A big reason why people avoid dental care is the bill. Tomalty Dental Care has a staff that will work with patients on payment plans, insurance coverage and the types of cosmetic and dental services they can afford. Free consultations lessen the fear of the unknown.

The team at Durée & Company is proud to represent some of the best physicians and medical specialists in South Florida, dedicated to helping people look and feel better. From facial rejuvenation to oral care, our clients are in the business of improving lives and increasing confidence. We’re smiling brighter already.

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