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How to Garner Optimal Engagement for Your Brand with Instagram Stories

By November 3, 2020March 23rd, 2021No Comments

Social media platforms continue to evolve and incorporate new features, and we at Aspen-and-Fort Lauderdale-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company stay up-to-date with the latest trends and studies. This way, we ensure we are provide our clients with the best service possible.

Consumed by more than one billion Instagram users daily, Instagram Stories are one of the most powerful Instagram engagement tools for influencers and brands. A recent study by Facebook showed the potential business benefit of using stories. It showed 62 percent of surveyed users stated they became more interested in a specific brand or product after viewing its Instagram Stories. Stories continued to grow in popularity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people look to this feature as a way to remotely engage with friends, family and influencers.

Eight is the magic number…of Instagram Story Frames

Stories with eight frames or more have been shown to have a higher reach. The highest reach for stories were those with 20 frames at 3.5 percent. Creating a Story with a series of frames makes an opportunity for followers to connect with your brand as they watch the content unfold. By spacing out a story over 8 or more frames, it keeps the followers engaged and wanting to see more. A recent study by Conviva showed the completion rate across accounts stayed above 70 percent during the first 20 frames of an Instagram story in 2020.

Communication is Key

Accounts with the reply feature turned on for stories typically see higher Instagram engagement than those without it. Use the poll feature to gain insight from followers. Ask about their preferences for what types of content they would like to see on your account. Or even better, use this feature to learn more about what your audience would like to have from your company in terms of product development. Enabling followers to reply to stories creates a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. And this makes followers feel more connected to the brand.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Benefits of working with Micro Influencers

Influencers with 10,000 to 50,000 followers have the highest engagement for Instagram stories. This is due to their smaller, but more engaged and loyal, audiences. Working with micro influencers versus macro influencers has been shown to be more beneficial in terms of higher engagement. And it’s cost efficient, as they typically charge lower rates than macro or mega influencers. We suggest working with influencers who are already fans of your brand. This will result in a more genuine experience for their followers.

Let’s Get Personal

Create ways for your followers to feel more connected with your brand. Think: custom gifs, emojis and Instagram stickers that are aligned with your brand’s marketing collateral and personality. This enables your audience to incorporate your brand into their own content. And that will increase your overall reach.

For example, to make a large impact when launching a new product, create stickers related to the unveiling of the product. Then use a question box for followers to share what they think the new product will be.

Mix Up Your Content

Share a different perspective with your followers by posting behind-the-scenes content. Show how products are made or the company office culture. Re-post user generated content to provide additional value to your followers and make them feel connected to your brand.

How To’s and Tutorials are another great type of Instagram Story. You can highlight your brand’s products and demonstrate how they should and can be used. To make the content even more valuable for your audience, host an Instagram takeover with an expert in a field related to your brand. For example, a skincare brand could invite a dermatologist to take over its Instagram account for the day. He or she could post stories to explain how to best use the brand’s products. This gives your brand a higher level of credibility and will result in followers trusting your products more.

When planning the social media strategy for your company, remember to consider these tips to boost your Instagram engagement. You can create alluring stories that will resonate with your audience. If you’re looking for an agency to provide guidance and increase your brand’s presence on social media, contact us today at 954-723-9350.


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