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7 Ways to Use Public Relations to Maximize 4/20

By April 16, 2024April 24th, 2024No Comments

April 20 (also known as 4/20) is known as the biggest cannabis holiday of the year. Cannabis enthusiasts and users across the globe annually celebrate 4/20 – which refers to celebrating marijuana use, while also campaigning for it to become legalized in parts of the world where it is prohibited. From a PR perspective, it is also beneficial to utilize 4/20 to make a splash in the media and within organizations’ communities.

Working with a PR agency that has expertise in the cannabis industry can help a company or brand determine the best strategy to maximize its organization’s visibility surrounding 4/20. At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we have a special practice dedicated to guiding cannabis brands in the proper direction while strategically navigating their public relations and marketing needs.

With years of experience providing exceptional public relations and marketing services for cannabis brands, we are happy to provide seven ways to maximize 4/20 with great PR:

  1. Special 4/20-Themed Products or Promotions: A PR agency can work with a company’s team to brainstorm unique ideas regarding new products or promotions for the holiday. With enough advance notice, a PR firm can help pitch and place products in 4/20 gift guides. Magazines and gift guides normally work months in advance so creating a strategy early on will help ensure a successful campaign.
  2. Company Announcements: If a company decides to create a special themed product or campaign, 4/20 is the perfect day to tie the announcement to. However, if a company doesn’t have a new product launch, that doesn’t mean they can’t utilize the holiday in some capacity. A PR firm can help a brand look at its upcoming announcements, and put together a comprehensive strategy, whether it’s an announcement around big company news or another angle in celebration of the holiday.
  3. Special Events: Being that cannabis enthusiasts join together on 4/20, hosting a block party or special event can be a great way to bring the local community together. A PR agency can help promote the event to the community, pitching it to local media and sharing it with the local calendars. A PR firm can also assist with messaging, ensuring that it is thoughtful and age appropriate.
  4. 4/20 Swag Mailings: At Durée & Company, we love a branded media shipment. We understand that cannabis is not federally legal or in some states, it is only legal for medical use, so shipping cannabis products is not always an option. A PR firm can help a company conceive of and put together a thoughtful package for a curated list of journalists and influencers. In the past, we have sent chocolate hearts, uniquely branded swag, cards with cannabis puns, and more, that have been well received and are a fun surprise to open for the holiday.
  5. Social Media: Posting on social media can be a quick and easy way to capitalize on 4/20. Whether it’s a promotion or simply a fun post, this can be a great way to impact customers and consumers. Companies can also host a giveaway to showcase the excitement around the holiday and engage with followers.
  6. Educational Initiatives: There is still a lot of misinformation circulating in the public about cannabis, and education is needed around all aspects of the cannabis industry. 4/20 is a wonderful time to communicate facts as they relate to the industry for education purposes, whether in a blog, on social media, hosting an educational webinar, and more. This can include providing guidance about terms used in the cannabis industry.
  7. Charitable Efforts: Last but not least, 4/20 is a perfect time to give back. An option is to find a nonprofit or charity that is authentic to a company’s brand and give back a percentage of 4/20 sales. A PR agency can help further amplify this by sharing the results with the media for a nice, give-back story.

If you would like to find out more about how Durée & Company can guide your organization to achieve incredible PR results for your cannabis-related brand, whether for 4/20 or any time of the year, contact us.

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