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Media Musings: How to Break Down PR into Three Steps

By August 21, 2014May 23rd, 2018No Comments

StrategyEvery profession approaches a project differently. A painter looks at a blank wall from a different perspective than an engineer designs an empty space. A pilot climbs into the cockpit with a different set of criteria than a truck driver climbs into his cab.

At Durée & Company, we approach a PR challenge differently than other firms do. We take a deliberate three-pronged approach that allows our team to start from the highest level and work down to the details. Every viewpoint has its advantages, but we feel that ours is the best way to serve the client, the mission and the audiences.

1) What are the objectives?

Do you want to increase sales, build awareness, beat your competition, establish your brand or make key connections? There are so many ways that PR can assist a company and its brand, that it is imperative that Durée & Company constitutes what looks like success to our clients. Is success defined by greater foot traffic, richer word of mouth, and a more reputable brand identity? Whatever your objective is, we need to understand and embrace it before proceeding to question No. 2.

2) What is the best strategy to achieve the objectives?

A strategy is often confused with tactics and objectives, which can lead to wasted energy, time and money. In short, a strategy is a plan, and the best plans start in one place and finish in another. Our team at Durée & Company not only devises the plan, but we also execute it. Our clients have a seat at the table, as we present and hammer out the particulars of the strategy. Once we are in agreement as to the strategy, we begin the tactical portion of the program.

3) What are the best tactics to support the strategy?

This is where other firms may start – at the end – talking about media coverage and ad buys versus social media campaigns and event management. The tactics available to clients in PR today are vast. Will Twitter work better than Facebook? Do you need to update your website and create a blog to drive SEO? Or do you need to be the featured speaker on a circuit of key stakeholders? Editorial white papers, trade publications, national magazines, TV and radio appearances are also in our arsenal.

But we will only be able to determine what works best when measured against our strategy, which, of course, supports our objectives.

1-2-3. Three steps. They are all important. It’s how we at Durée & Company break down your PR project, each and every time.

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