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New Year Resolutions by D&Co

By December 29, 2015May 23rd, 2018No Comments
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New year holiday table setting with champagne. Celebration. Place setting for new year eve. Holiday decorations. Served tableAs the new year is quickly approaching, the team at award-winning PR firm Durée & Company has been thinking about our New Year resolutions. Yes, we all want to workout more and eat healthier, but our goal was to think outside of the box to create resolutions that are, well, a little more exciting than saying we want to eat more vegetables. Take a look at our list of new year resolutions here:

Embrace your travel bug.
Right now, think of one place that you’d love to visit. What’s stopping you? Make this the year that you plan trips to new locales. Explore the world while you can!

Eat at new restaurants.
There’s nothing wrong with having your staple restaurant, but we’re fortunate to live in a diverse metropolitan area with so many interesting options. Consider a resolution to eat at one new restaurant each month. This could be a fun one to invite a friend, spouse or any family member to do with you. Have you ever been to BRIO Tuscan Grille or Bravo! Cucina Italiana? They are the perfect restaurants to take care of your Italian cravings. Who knows, you may find your new go-to spot!

Read more.
Go old-school and put down the electronics before bed. Pick up the book on your nightstand and read one chapter every night before bed.

Learn a new skill.
Piano? Juggling? Yoga? We all know that one skill that we’ve always wanted to attain. Why not make 2016 the year you learn it?! Buy a keyboard and take YouTube piano lessons, get three juggling balls and learn how to juggle (maybe best not to start with eggs!) or sign up for the yoga class that your friend has mentioned so often.

Become more aware of what is going on in the world.
This is a big year, especially with the 2016 presidential election coming up. Take the time to watch the debates, read a newspaper and watch the news. Form your own opinion and decide why like a particular candidate. That is good citizenship!

The new year is a great time to reengage with your life goals. Make a three-step plan to accomplish your dreams. Write down your resolutions and put them on your fridge, frame them or create a monthly calendar reminder.

D&Co wishes you the best of luck in accomplishing your resolutions in 2016! And remember to eat your vegetables!

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