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The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made Crisis Communications the Norm: Here’s How A PR Agency Can Help

By October 20, 2020No Comments
pandemic crisis communications

Today, crisis communications is the norm for any business or organization trying to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its ripple effects. At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we know that no industry is immune from the crises the pandemic can create. Everyone is in crisis mode, whether you realize it or not.

Constant changes in local guidelines require constant shifts in what is communicated to guests, patrons, clients, residents and others. Getting the right message out at a moment’s notice is critical, and sometimes even life-saving.

That’s why burying one’s head in the sand when a reporter calls is not the answer. Not responding to reporters who are covering subjects related to the COVID-19 pandemic is a surefire way to allow a one-sided story to be told. Lack of communication does not change the narrative nor explain the flip side. This does not benefit companies or organizations in any way.

The pandemic has changed the PR and marketing game ― not eliminated it. Now is the time for companies and organizations to up their game! Business leaders need to think about how their companies will get back on track, and how their public relations plans will go forward.

The crises of 2020 have changed the way people do business and communicate. Many companies are now forced to change their goals, strategies and budgets. Our team of PR professionals plays a major role in making these changes happen by focusing on new strategies and pivoting.

Here are 10 ways a PR agency like Durée & Company can help with pandemic crisis communications:
  1. Our team will navigate crisis situations and immediately spring into action to create a strategy.
  2. The PR pros at Durée & Company craft messaging, in the form of press releases, social media posts, e-blasts and more. Now is not the time to go silent. Email newsletter open rates have gone up, so it’s essential to get the most bang for the fee.
  3. Today’s news cycle is 24/7. Media outlets may ask for a quote with an hour’s advance notice. Our expert PR professionals have the expertise to act fast and give the right answers.
  4. We provide media training, plus “next steps,” so you can stay ahead and be prepared for difficult questions, safely getting through media land mines.
  5. When the narrative is incorrect, the PR professionals at Durée & Company can tell your side.
  6. Our public relations team assists clients in finding their way through difficult conversations.
  7. We assist with published content, repurposing it on social media.
  8. Our expert team monitors and manage social media accounts. This includes navigating negative comments, such as “You don’t have a mask on.”
  9. We also specifically focus on COVID-19-related topics, communicating information such as reopening plans and how safety guidelines are being followed. Tackling the topic head-on helps give potential customers and patrons a feeling of security.
  10. Our PR consultants handle socially distanced events, where permitted.

There is no reason to get raked through the coals when it comes to pandemic crisis communications. By working with our respected and experienced PR agency, you can focus on important issues other than crisis communications, such as keeping your business afloat. Contact us to help you manage your PR efforts.


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