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Why You Need PR Now More Than Ever

By April 3, 2014March 23rd, 2021No Comments
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How Fast Does a Message Move?

Why is public relations important? Let’s answer that question with a question. How fast does a message move? In today’s media world, the news cycle is 24/7. Editors, writers and bloggers will tweet as much of the story as they think is necessary to gain new followers. And once a story is in cyberspace, it cannot be retrieved, changed or retracted. It’s out there.

The role of PR has expanded during the last five to 10 years to become one of brand management, crisis communications and opinion influencer, and the mediums in which PR professionals work increase on a continual basis. Think about it, in 2000, there was no Facebook. In 2012, there was no Snapchat. In 2015, there was no [fill in the blank.] What’s next?

We think PR is important because the team at Durée & Company keeps up with the communications pace, moving as fast as the message does. However, running in heels is harder than it looks. Wink!

Good News and Bad News Move Equally Fast

At Durée & Company, we understand the power of digital media, and we work to harness it to the benefit of our clients. A fantastic review is shared on multiple platforms, repurposed as a case study, shared as part of an industry presentation, incorporated into the website and used for award nominations. We help good news go viral and be found.

We also work in the opposite direction, mitigating any negative news. This is because good news and bad news move equally fast, but bad news seems to travel longer. The team at Durée & Company works with clients to help reporters understand the issues they are reporting on; we craft sensitive, timely responses for clients’ social media distribution; and we organize press efforts to offset or soften controversial information. It’s all part of the job, and again, why PR is so important.

The SEO Puzzle

Finally, we create the content that helps customers find our clients. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a catch phrase, it’s the lifeblood of being found in a cyber world that grows larger and more crowded by the second. Key words, integration, linking, tracking and analyzing are now the buzzwords of the industry, and we know this because we practice social media daily. It’s how and why you’re reading this blog, and most likely how and why you found Durée & Company on the World Wide Web.

Improving a company’s search engine rank calls for creating content that visitors want to read. We share our clients’ information with the end user in mind. Is it visual? Is it useful? Does it help them? Entertain them? Inspire them? Encourage them? Getting a client out “there” also means making sure they have something to say once they are “there.” Customers are smarter, more pressed for time and pickier than ever. As the PR firm, we craft the message that gets them to slow down and click.

PR for the Future

So why is public relations important again? In the time it took you to read this blog, how many other messages are flooding the Web, and how many were yours? Yep, it’s time to call us.

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