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April 8 is “National Be Kind to Lawyers” Day

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attorney at law pike and lustig lubell rosen gladstone and weisman

Lawyers … you simply can’t live without them in the United States. If you need a will or trust, divorce, or medical malpractice representation; if you are in a serious car accident, are receiving an inheritable investment, or just need moral support in court, you need a lawyer.

So on April 8, the country will stop to be nice to its lawyers because it will be “National Be Kind to Lawyers” Day.

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This is a true day of recognition for the services and dedication displayed on a daily basis by the lawyers who help to make our legal system a reality. At Durée & Company, we will be showing kindness and appreciation to our clients, Gladstone & Weissman, P.A., Lubell Rosen and Pike & Lustig, LLP.

Each firm’s attorneys do an outstanding job of representing their profession in their respective areas of expertise, and deserve kindness every day, not just on one day.

But since April 8 is the designated day of recognition, we invite you to send your special lawyer a note of thanks, a bottle of wine, flowers, a personalized token or simply a text message of friendship. He or she will greatly appreciate it.

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