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Quick! Pop Star’s Legal Matters Spawn Nationwide PR for Law Firm

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LizTiming. In public relations, it means everything. When music icon Prince suddenly passed away on April 21, 2016, fans across the world, including all of us at South Florida PR firm Durée & Company, were saddened and shocked. A few days later, it was revealed that Prince left no last will and testament. Headlines read, “Who would inherit Prince’s estate?” Instantly, estate planning became national news and we had the perfect source.  One of our clients, leading full-service law firm Lubell Rosen, could provide valuable insight.

Immediately, Lubell Rosen Partner Liz C. Messianu, Esq., who leads the firm’s Probate, Estate and Trust practice, drafted a commentary on the legal ramifications of Prince not leaving a last will and testament for his estate, valued at approximately $400 million. Then, we at Durée & Company sprang into action. We quickly polished the drafted piece for media and pitched the Daily Business Review, which published it. That very day, Lubell Rosen received dozens of calls from people urgently requesting a last will and testament.

It didn’t stop there — we saw another story. We contacted Reuters, which was doing a national article on the uptick in people wanting TIME-Magazine-Logowills as a result of Prince’s death. We advised Ms. Messianu to make herself available immediately for interviews, and she did. It made a huge impact across the nation. When that story was published over
the newswire, it was picked up by additional media outlets, including Time magazine, The Economic Times and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Now, millions were reading about the importance of having a last will and testament, as explained by our South Florida client. Our fast action and a strong sense of newsworthiness made it all happen.

Plus, we turned our PR success into a marketing opportunity for Lubell Rosen. We swiftly created an eblast, which was sent to Lubell Rosen’s entire database, promoting Ms. Messianu’s article article and Ms. Messianu herself.

We are pleased to work with Lubell Rosen, a law firm dedicated to providing full service representation as well as defending and protecting entrepreneurs and business owners, physicians, health care professionals and businesses in the health care industry. The firm has been our client since 2013. In fact, we recently played an integral role in helping the firm jump 13 spots from No. 55 in 2015 to No. 42 this year, in South Florida Business Journal’s ranking of Top South Florida Law Firms.

PrintAt Durée & Company, we are pleased to represent some of the most successful South Florida law firms within several different practice areas. As of May 1, 2016, there were almost 90,000 lawyers in good
standing practicing in Florida. That makes it critical for attorneys to stand out — and that requires an edge. We provide that edge. We have the knowledge, expertise and valuable media relationships to get the word across about our legal clients’ legal victories, offerings, awards and recognitions, certifications, licenses and even their good deeds within the community.

Great public relations is paramount for law firms. Lubell Rosen’s exposure regarding the need to have a last will and testament was made possible by Durée & Company’s expertise. Our firm members saw the opportunity to have our client serve as a source for a national story. It worked. Allow us to help your firm also achieve public relations success.

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