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Taking Notes: The Public Relations Boutique International Conference

By June 7, 2016March 23rd, 2021No Comments

13239313_1143981902299454_2512758614075238968_nPublic relations is constantly evolving and the top PR agencies are always striving to deliver the best value for their clients. No one knows this more than Durée & Company President, Durée Ross who recently traveled to the annual Public Relations Boutiques International (PRBI) 2016 conference in San Francisco. (A special thank you to Impress Labs for hosting!) With public relations professionals from all over the world in attendance, the conference featured diverse viewpoints and productive conversations on a variety of topics.  Durée shared her take aways from this valuable conference, including what avenues an agency can explore to enhance client experiences, efficient use of resources, and what defines great work.

For four days, Durée attended presentations from impressive industry leaders who delved into their best practices, the mourned pitfalls and their perception of the rapidly expanding and evolving industry. Some of the most memorable highlights of the event came from the content marketing expert Jason Miller of LinkedIn who looped attendees in on the best way to achieve “Face-Melting Content Marketing ROI”. His comparison to the bandKISS as a perfectly blended modern marketing team had to be one of the most captivating ways to describe the importance of successful branding!

Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media for PR Newswire, highlighted the reward of modifying blog posts into press releases, writing them in a direct-to-consumer style, and then releasing them via a web release. It was a great way to learn the ever evolving distribution strategy in today’s direct-to-consumer content world.

The entire conference was insightful, but a trip to Facebook headquarters brought the most excitement. (And we’re not just Public Relations Boutiques Internationaltalking about getting stuck in an elevator for two hours!) PRBI conference attendees were exclusively invited by Facebook who conducted a tour and presented an array of topics by some of the most prominent influencers and marketing strategists on the platform. The information shared was extremely valuable and we are fortunate as an agency to benefit from the insight Durée passed along to us.

As social media continues to play a significant role in the
communications strategy for our clients, it is imperative that we stay well informed and utilize our expertise to best advise our clients when it comes to interacting with the public, creating content and sharing images.

The lesson of the week? Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and the Durée & Company team is always eager to embrace new opportunities for learning. It’s also beneficial to hear new and different perspectives from both industry veterans and emerging innovators and to play an active role in those conversations.


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