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Rising Tide Car Wash Celebrates Third Anniversary with Land Purchase in Margate, Florida, Site of a Future Second Facility

By March 18, 2016No Comments

As it celebrates three years in business, Rising Tide Car Wash, a groundbreaking social enterprise and high-quality car wash experience, is expanding due to its tremendous success. Rising Tide, which has a primary mission to employ adults with autism, has purchased and closed on land at 2970 N. State Rd 7 in Margate.

This second location, due to open in late 2016/early 2017, will be built as a custom car wash from the ground up. The Margate location will be 1½ times larger than the first, and is estimated to create about 50 new jobs in the community. Rising Tide’s first location is only 4½ miles away in Parkland, at 7201 N. State Rd 7.

“We want to go hyperlocal with our brand in this area,” said Tom D’Eri, COO of Rising Tide Car Wash. “We’d like to continue to support the community that has been greatly supporting us. All of the measurables at the new location are superb from a site analysis perspective.”

Since it opened in Parkland on April 6, 2013, Rising Tide has experienced great success, empowering young adults with autism and inspiring communities to change their perception of their capabilities. With 35 employees, Rising Tide is one of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S. Since its inception, Rising Tide has created 75 jobs in the South Florida area.

Breaking down tasks and creating systemized processes for all daily responsibilities helps Rising Tide’s associates with autism realize their incredible capabilities, gain confidence that they never had before, make friends, gain financial independence, and have a place to call their own.

Rising Tide co-founders John and Tom D’Eri created the business to develop a scalable solution to employing individuals with autism. They were inspired to do this by watching John’s son and Tom’s brother Andrew, a vibrant young man with autism, struggle to find his place in the world.

Rising Tide has been featured on news shows including MSNBC’s “Born in the USA,” “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” MSNBC’s “Your Business this Sunday” and Fox Business’ “Making Money,” as well as in magazines such as Entrepreneur Startups, Conscious Company, Fast Company, Forbes, and the Miami Herald.

“With our first location, we took a struggling car wash that was only washing 35,000 cars annually – and by hiring people with autism and building operating systems around their talents, we turned it into a thriving enterprise that is now washing over 150,000 cars annually,” said John D’Eri, CEO of Rising Tide. “We look forward to achieving additional success with our second location.”

“Unemployment among people with autism is approximately 90 percent,” said Tom D’Eri. “The reason for this is that society views autism as a disability that requires sympathy instead of a valuable diversity. With Rising Tide, we are changing that perception, and proving that autism can be a competitive advantage for business.”

John and Tom D’Eri; along with Tom Sena, CFO of Rising Tide Car Wash; and Kevin Wolyniec, general manager of Rising Tide Car Wash; recently launched Rising Tide U, a separate entity from Rising Tide Car Wash. Rising Tide U’s goal is to inspire and teach others to put the potential of those with autism to work through building sustainable social enterprises. For more information about Rising Tide U, visit

About Rising Tide Car Wash

Rising Tide Car Wash is a scalable social enterprise with the primary mission to employ adults with autism. By delivering a first-rate car wash experience to the consumer, Rising Tide strives to inspire communities to change their perception of the capabilities of people with autism. Through intensive training, team building and caring for the community, Rising Tide sets its employees up for success. With this model, Rising Tide has a goal to provide people with autism with an opportunity to build a career and achieve an independent lifestyle. Rising Tide Car Wash is located at 7201 N. State Rd 7, Parkland, FL 33067. It is open seven days a week from 8 a.m.–7 p.m. For more information, visit, call (954) 344-1855 or email

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