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Rising Tide Car Wash Opens Second Location in Margate, Following Great Success of Parkland Location

By November 13, 2017No Comments

Parkland, Fla. — Sept. 28, 2017 — Rising Tide Car Wash, a groundbreaking social enterprise with a primary mission to employ adults with autism, opened its second location in Margate, located at 2970 N. State Rd 7, 33063 on September 28. Due to the remarkable success of Rising Tide’s first location in Parkland, which has been open since 2013, the second location was built as a custom car wash from the ground up.

The Margate location is 1½ times larger than the Parkland location, and is estimated to create about 50 new jobs in the community. Including land development, equipment and construction (an additional $3.4 million), the total amount to launch the Margate location was nearly $5 million.

Rising Tide’s Parkland location has been featured on news shows including MSNBC’s “Born in the USA,” “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” MSNBC’s “Your Business this Sunday” and Fox Business’ “Making Money,” as well as in magazines such as Entrepreneur Startups, Conscious Company, Fast Company, Forbes, and the Miami Herald.

“We are thrilled to achieve the incredible milestone of opening the second location of Rising Tide,” said John D’Eri, CEO of Rising Tide. “By opening the Margate location, we are not only giving more young adults with autism opportunities to realize their capabilities, gain confidence, make friends, gain financial independence, and have a place to call their own; but we are also providing South Floridians with another top-notch car wash experience.”

Rising Tide, a high-quality car wash, is one of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S. Rising Tide and its consultants created an innovative model that breaks the car washing process into 46 distinct steps. Employees work in a mirror image of each other, and are able to thrive off the repetitive structure to produce extraordinary results.

Rising Tide co-founders John and Tom D’Eri created the business to develop a scalable solution to employing individuals with autism. They were inspired to do this by watching John’s son and Tom’s brother Andrew, a vibrant young man with autism, struggle to find his place in the world.

Unemployment among people with autism is approximately 80 percent. Since its inception, Rising Tide has created 85 jobs in the South Florida area. It is one of the only operationally proven and financially viable autism employment social enterprise models.

Rising Tide’s unsurpassed car wash services, ranging in price from $6 to $28, include the Simple Wash, Rainx + Wheels, Turbo Wax + Shine, and Manager’s Special. Detailing services include the Hand Wax Package, and custom detailing. Riding Tide’s Unlimited Wash Club membership is available for $34.95 per month for exterior washes. It includes unlimited Manager’s Specials, exclusive member upgrades, and an RFID Express badge.

Rising Tide offers various weekly specials including Wacky Wednesday (50 percent off exterior washes starting at $6, all day long), Early Bird (50 percent off exterior washes starting at $6, 8–9 a.m. only Monday through Friday) and Happy Hour (50 percent off exterior washes starting at $6, 6–7 p.m. only Monday through Friday.)

The Margate location is open seven days a week from 8 a.m.–7 p.m.

About Rising Tide Car Wash

Rising Tide Car Wash is a scalable social enterprise with the primary mission to employ adults with autism. By delivering a first-rate car wash experience to the consumer, Rising Tide strives to inspire communities to change their perception of the capabilities of people with autism. Through intensive training, team building and caring for the community, Rising Tide sets its employees up for success. With this model, Rising Tide has a goal to provide people with autism with an opportunity to build a career and achieve an independent lifestyle. Rising Tide Car Wash has two locations: 7201 N. State Rd 7, Parkland, FL 33067; and 2970 N. State Rd 7, Margate, FL 33063. It is open seven days a week from 8 a.m.–7 p.m. For more information, visit, call (954) 344-1855 or email

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