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South Florida Parenting Magazine

By May 10, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
south florida parenting Durée ross

551379_10151328120946685_918871202_nPreparing for a photo shoot for the cover of a well-read magazine is nerve-wracking enough. Now, add your daughter to the mix. It took a combination of luck, patience, focus, cooperation and humor with a dash of fashionable pixie fairy dust to create the lovely “mother-daughter” image of Harlee and me that graces the May 2013 edition of South Florida Parenting Magazine.

No great pictures come without a back story: Initially, the shoot was supposed to be at the new Barbie Dreamhouse opening at Sawgrass Mills, and Harlee was very much looking forward to it. But a couple hours before the shoot, the editors had to reschedule since the space wasn’t ready. Secretly, I was happy since that would mean I didn’t have to wear yellow, as requested, but instead could don my favorite color – fuchsia.

To quote Billy Crystal, “It’s not how you feel. It’s how you look.” And I wanted us both to look mah-velous!

On to the rest of the story — It was pouring rain all day on the day of the shoot, and we ended up at Field of Flowers. Between the two of us, I think we directed the photographer, rather than the other way around. Harlee and I share the distinct personality trait of knowing what we want and not having a problem sharing our vision!

In the end, South Florida Parenting Magazine featured our rare photo since the magazine typically features only children on its cover. When the issue hit the stands, friends started calling, texting and emailing us from all over the tri-county area, and Harlee proudly took some issues into school. Nothing beats having your very own “Tyra Banks” moment.

And, I promised her a visit to Barbie Dreamhouse once it opens.

Happy Mother’s Day, moms!