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South Florida’s Food Insecurity Makes The Huffington Post

By July 23, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
feeding south florida

PrintI live here, so I get it.

Every day, many of us who live in South Florida step out into paradise. It can be difficult to view the area where you make your home as anything less than comforting – until you read the numbers.

More than 949,000 people in South Florida, including 296,600 children, are worried about where their next meal is coming from, according to Feeding America’s 2013 Map the Meal Gap study. Our client, Feeding South Florida, deals with this reality daily. Its work – and mine – is to help other people realize the problem and get involved.

That’s why I was so excited to see that The Huffington Post picked up the story we distributed, and understood the dichotomy of hunger being rampant in an area known for its luxurious beauty and get-away appeal.

It can be so easy to overlook those in South Florida who are not stepping out into paradise, but instead wondering how they will set the table every day. But, it can be just as easy to see the issue and do something about it.

GO Orange

Want to help South Floridians who are food insecure? You can get involved at any time of year by visiting During September, Hunger Action Month, Feeding South Florida is offering a month full of activities to participate in community efforts to end hunger. The organization’s local calendar at will provide individuals with exciting ways (30 Ways in 30 Days) to make a difference, from joining the Hunger Action Month committee to hosting a Food & Fund Drive to simply wearing orange on Thursday, Sept. 5, Go Orange! Day.

It doesn’t take much effort to make a big difference in the lives of those who are hungry. You don’t know it, but you probably see them each and every day.