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By November 2, 2012May 31st, 2018No Comments

It’s a week before my trip to New York, where I am going to attend Nov. 9 The Stevie® Awards as a finalist.

I’m thrilled, nervous, excited, and completely humbled by the experience. I’ve thanked everyone in my universe who helped get me to a point where my business, Durée & Company, is considered to be a recipient of a prestigious American Business Award for Women in Business. To be among the competitors for the female Entrepreneur of the Year, in the category of firms with fewer than 10 employees, is an honor all on its own.

While I can’t imagine what will be coursing through my mind while I am in the audience at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, I know the best advice I can give anyone in this field is to be an intern. When I close my eyes and look back at my career, the beginning of so many good things began while I was at the University of Miami, 19 years old, starting out in PR. To this day, I still work with many of the same wonderful people. The network I rely on so much now started back then, one connection at a time.

You really can’t say what you want to be until you’ve done it. So I consider myself really lucky to find my calling in PR early on, and to be able to build a career, a company and a lifestyle doing what I love to do most. And of course, being nominated for a national award is more than icing on the cake – it’s a million blazing candles!

Thank you again to all of my team members, family, clients and friends. You’ll be with me in fabulous spirit at the Stevies.