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The House

By October 1, 2012May 31st, 2018No Comments

It doesn’t get cold here in South Florida much, so I don’t dream of warm getaways as much as my northern brethren. However, when I took in the images of the newly refurbished property, The House by Elegant Hotels, a warm getaway started looking pretty good.

Yes, the beach is sandy white and pure in Barbados; and yes, the fine dining looked luscious and delicious; and yes, the Jet Lag Massage seemed amazingly appealing, jet lagged or not.

But what beckoned to me was the fluffy white everything – pillows, bed spreads, curtains, sofas, candles and clouds – amid an “adults-only” environment, which means no cleaning of spills, marks, crumbs or scuffs off the fluffy white everything.

Sue me, I’m a mother. My dreams are made of different stuff.

After five months of making this property awe-worthy, my client, Elegant Hotels, must be congratulated. It is no small feat to create such a beautiful environ that reeks of relaxation.