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These stilettos are made for sharing

By June 18, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
stilettos networks

Women know who their friends are. She is the woman who stops you outside the bathroom and points out the toilet tissue on your shoe. Or she’s the one who discreetly lets you know that your lipstick or lunch spinach is still making an impression in your smile. She sincerely compliments your outfits, covers for you in the staff meeting, and treats your kids like the angels you wished they were.

And when women really have each other’s backs, we refer each other for business. That’s the building block of the Stiletto Networks, circles of influential women opening doors for one another out of an entrepreneurial sense of sisterhood.

Writer Jacqui Kenyon writes about the rise of such female forums in Forbes magazine. In true stiletto fashion, the article was emailed to me by a female client, and I’m referring it to my network of women in the know.

Seems to me that some enterprising women in South Florida may want to start our own version of a Stiletto Network. Although I must say some of my greatest referrals, pieces of advice and introductions have been made by those who wear high heels, and I try my best to return the favor.