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First “To Do” When Planning a Successful Event? Call Durée & Company.

By April 25, 2014May 24th, 2018No Comments
planning a successful event Durée and company

DSC_3922With all of the events, galas and 5Ks taking place in South Florida, you’d think it was a piece of cake to plan these things. Instead, event planning is one of the most difficult things to do well, because so much planning is required. At Durée & Company, we’ve helped clients plan intimate, in-store fundraisers for local charities and large, grand-scale new business openings. The success of any event boils down to the same three things: planning, planning and planning. Oh, wait, that’s one thing, isn’t it? Well, planning multiplies when it comes to events, trust us.

First thing to do – call us. As professional consultants, we’re trained to help you plan. Even if the Durée & Company team is not responsible for your event’s food, décor, invitations and celebrity chef, we can help you develop a timetable, budget and resource guide for how to make them all happen. Some events have to back up as far as nine months or more if top-notch talent has to be secured, hard-to-get venues have to be booked or several guest accommodations have to be made. Not to mention that event sponsors prefer to be asked as far in advance as possible to support a cause.

Second thing to do – call us again. We specialize in event promotion and marketing, so once the details of who, what, when, where and why have been nailed down, then you have to start letting people know what you’re up to. Depending upon your budget, which we helped you clarify earlier, Durée & Company can assist with invitations (Are your sponsors properly listed? Is your database current? Have you invited key South Florida media?); pre- and post-PR (we handle press releases, photographers, media sponsors and advertising); and social media (What’s going on your Facebook, Twitter, website, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn pages?) Sometimes, all people will see of your event will be in the pages of a magazine, so let’s make sure the coverage is great.DSC_3941

Third thing to do – execute. Our team attends planning meetings as the event comes into focus. We make suggestions based on years of seeing it done right and wrong. And the Durée & Company team energy is always high, which means we stay positive and focused at every stage of the game. Why is this important? Because whether it’s your first or 50th event, each one presents its special set of challenges and joys.

Have an idea for an event? Large or small, private or public, if you want your event done correctly, now is the time to talk and start planning. We’re all ears!

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